Teach Your Children Well

Former hunger striker Laurence McKeown and local author Denis O Hearn have written a children’s version of O’Hearn’s recent biography of Bobby Sands (“Nothing But An Unfinished Song“). The children’s book is titled “I Arose This Morning”. Aimed at 9-12 year olds, McKeown and O’Hearn had the book adapted into Irish (“D’eirigh me ar Maidin“), and want bunscoils to include it in their curriculum. According to the Irish News (subs needed): Co-author of I Arose This Morning, Mr McKeown, said … Read more

Debate within Republicanism, part 2

As noted, the proposed (but postponed) meeting in Toome has sparked off some debate, both about republicans and between republicans. It has also sparked some dialogue between unionists and republicans. Dr. John Coulter has interviewed republicans who are interested in pursuing a “Pan Republican Front”. Items on the agenda for the Pan Republican Front (PRF) are: organising to oppose Sinn Fein candidates in local elections, in order to give Republicans a choice. As it stands, the electoral choices for Republican … Read more

Debate within Republicanism, part 1

Last month, a group of republicans were to meet in Toome. For a variety of reasons, that meeting did not happen. The idea of it, however, has sparked some debate. Brian Feeney was among the first to chime in, noted here on Slugger, mocking the publicising of the meeting in the media, and dismissing the concept as more fodder for the DUP to baulk over. Also previously blogged on Slugger, David Adams warmed to the idea of the debate, but … Read more