Seanad Éireann 2011 – SF triple representation

With the elimation of Brophy on the 25th count of the Seanad Industrial and Commercial Panel that by my reckoning guarantees the election of SF’s 3rd Senator, Kathryn Reilly. As one of only three ‘inside’ candidates left she joins Trevor O’Cloctaraigh and David Cullinane in tripling SF’s representation on a Seanad their party wants abolished (others share the view and it is very possible).

Sinn Fein’s other candidate, Eoin O’Broin, has admitted his showing in the NUI panel was poor but for the party three from four is a sound return.

In other northern interest Jeff Dudgeon was knocked out at the 10th count for the TCD panel – though informed sources believe he may finally make it through as a Taoiseach pick.

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  • redhugh78

    That’s real All Island representation.

  • glenda lough

    Disgusting that anyone should stand for or vote in this undemocratic selection procedure which is based on the fascist concept of the corporate state.

  • Blissett

    I think Kathryn, at 22, may in fact be the youngest Senator ever. Some achievement. SF did very well to pick up extra votes in other 2 panels, but should probably not have picked up the 3rd only for FG making a mess of it.

    The big interest for many was Martins list of 10 chosen ones, a mixed bag so far, but dara o’brien, Averil Power, Marc McSharry, Thomas Byrne and Brian O’Domhnaill all in, useful people in important constituences, also denis o donovan, who, frankly should have been on list day 1 got in. A sure gain next time one would imagine.

    PS you have a superflous ‘h’ in the title.

  • Mark McGregor



    I’ve removed the superfluity but in my defence it was pronouced aitch as a form of outreach.

  • Mr Crumlin

    Like most people on Slugger I do love an election so glad to see SF triple its representation.

    But I have to admit that I have no idea how members of the Seanad are elected and I know even less what they do when they are.

  • Mark McGregor

    Mr Crumlin,

    The Seanad has a ridiculous but very entertaining system:

    It isn’t democracy as most know it but certainly not a House of Lords.

  • Cynic2

    Wow. This electoral system is quite similar to that in Stormont prior to 1969 isn’t it. Time for a Civil Rights Movement methinks

  • roadnottaken

    Delighted with this particular Kathryn Reilly’s result. She will be a fantastic addition to the Oireachtas Party membership for SF, and of course, to the elected group across the island.
    But of course, the elections to the Seanad have proven that the body itself requires either total rebuilding as a democratic upper house, or abolition.

  • Progressive Unionist

    Jeffrey Dudgeon showed great courage in campaigning openly as a Unionist for the Irish Seanad – same courage Jeff had shown in years gone by as an advocate for LGB equality and in taking Northern Ireland’s anti-gay laws to the European Court.

    He would be a worthy addition to the Seanad and I certainly hope Taoiseach Enda Kenny nominates him – he’d be the first voice from the Unionist community in the Oireachtas since the 1930s.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Progressive Unionist

    Hear hear. As a republican, I had the strange experience of voting for an Ulster Unionist for the first time ever. I was happy to vote for Jeff Dudgeon. No doubt I’d have disagreed with him on a regular basis for the next four years, but his initiative in standing was something I was happy to endorse, as a republican, for republican reasons. It was always a long shot that he would be elected, but I do hope the Taoiseach nominates him. He’d be a worthy addition to the Seanad.

  • Munsterview

    Great work by Sinn Fein and all three Senators, especially our youngest House Member, congratulations to all the excellent candidates selected and to all those who made the election victory possible.

    Pierce may be out of there and no disrespect to the other two, but our Western man is one fluent articulator in both languages, he is probably one the finest if not the finest Gaelic orator in Sinn Fein ranks and much more will now be heard from him.

    Progressive U…. : “he’d be the first voice from the Unionist community in the Oireachtas since the 1930s…..”

    My goodness but you are one ungrateful lot ! What of the sterling work of Fine Gael in this regard all down the years when their voice was no different to Unions mainstream, especially in regard to their anti-Republican stands !

    What of John Bruton the former leader of Fine Gael, the former Government Minister, The former Taoiseach, the appointed member of the Council of State setting aside all of what most people would describe as ‘these positions of honor and distinction’, to say that the greatest day of his life was not when he took up any of these offices, but when he shook the hand of Prince Charles ?

    Just how much more do Fine Gael have to do for you to demonstrate what what most Republicans suspect, that most of the party are really ‘Closet Unionists’ ? I have heard it said that some of their TD even wear Union Jack boxer shorts, what just else do they have to do before you give them the recognition that they deserve ?

  • Langdale

    Re Jeff D:

    So, you stand for election, fail to get elected and then you may be offered the position anyway!

    Don’t you just love democracy?

    Anyway, why do some people, Dudgeon included, think it important that there be a ‘Unionist voice’ in the Seanad?


  • Roncol

    Sinn Féin messed up by happily supporting the most reactionary member of the new Seanad Labhrás Ó Murchú. The man is only famous in the Seanad for the various colours he has dyed his hair.

    They got nothing in return for supporting 2 FF people on the panels where they did not have official candidates.

    Ms. Reilly is completely unqualified and without any real experience. It is the election of people like her without any knowledge which brings the Seanad into disrepute. Just look at the standard of the six University members………

  • Blissett

    ‘he’d be the first voice from the Unionist community in the Oireachtas since the 1930s.’

    Does Gordon Wilson not count?

  • Brid Rodgers

    At least three outgoing Fianna Fail senators were returned thanks to the support of Sinn Fein. Interesting!