IRA: Standing down better than decomm?

Two articles from Chris Thornton and Gary Kelly foreground the inclusion of an IRA stand down in the upcoming negotiations between NI’s elected representatives. This potentially represents an important new strand to the current process. Previous emphasis upon the decommissioning of IRA weapons has arguably had disastrous consequences for all of its political advocates. Retaining it as an essential objective is likely to lead to similar difficulties, though the DUP has clearly covered this possibility with its corporate assembly model … Read more

Media: the new moral sherriff?

My own review of John Lloyd’s essay on Politics and the Media is due to be published next weekend. The man himself had an interesting line the cult of the journalist as celebrity in last week’s FT Magazine, after attending a film festival in Locarno recently: The “Trust me, I’m a reporter” line would probably always have raised a laugh, and still would in many quarters… Jump forward the decades to the polementaries and the moral force of the reporter … Read more