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Nationalists confused by SA trip

John Dallat asks why the city’s two leading anti-agreement representatives are talking to paramilitaries: “Both these politicians must be aware that I have received warnings from the PSNI on several occasions in recent months that loyalists are targeting me yet they don’t have any compunction about jetting off with the representatives of the UDA. This more…

PSNI Gaelic team loses

If ever there was an indication that things have changed profoundly in Ireland is it the fact that this match took place at all. Update: The trophy they played for was the McCarthy Cup, apparently after a founding member of the GAA who went on to become a member of the RUC.

Church crisis

Eric Waugh, perhaps taking a lead from Malachi O’Doherty last week, suggests that the Catholic Church in Ireland follow the example of Irish Presbyterians and the Church of Ireland and seek to become more democratic in its working. He ends by suggesting: “Pope John’s ringing recitative must be rediscovered. The people must be brought in more…

Popper and the census

Steven King is arguably one of the most precocious and engaging commentators within the Unionist camp. His enlistment of philosopher Karl Popper into the fray is interesting and one that could bear further exposition. However I am not sure where the join comes between his thoughts on Popper and the issues around coming census results. more…

IRA break with decommisioning body

The IRA has broken contact with the disarmament body. As Cathal, a reader of the letter, has suggested, this may simply be a case of one suspension in return for another. Brian Lavery reports in the New York Times: “A British government spokesman for Northern Ireland said the statement was ‘not entirely surprising’ because the more…

Adams speech: policing

Adams sketches the Sinn Fein position on policing: “We are arguing for the Good Friday Agreement vision of policing to become a reality. And that means the British government moving beyond its Weston Park position. It also means that the Irish government and the SDLP need to assert this as a matter of the unfinished more…

Independence for NI?

Paul Fitzsimmons outlines the way in which independence might be acheived through a four point implimentation plan.

Portadown News

This week’s edition. Check out this little gem. It’s advice from the US War Dept to its soldiers in Ulster during the last World War. We well may be coming back to this again over the next week or so.

Another Irish subject blogger

We’ve just had this weblog brought to our notice, by Emily at Hawk Girl. It seems to be written by a conservative Irish American in New Mexico. Much of the Irish content seems focused on comment and links to the Sunday Independent.

Belfast loses out on Culture bid

Despite some raised hopes, the dour view of Belfast’s chances won the day, and the BBC announces that the City has not been shortlisted for European City of Culture.

United Ireland: a European model

Henry McDonald is on the bank of the River Saar, one of the natural boundaries between Germany and France. He muses on the possibilities of using the European context to provide the Belfast Agreement with a stable framework. “The buildings on the French side are shabbier, the paintwork faded, graffiti more commonplace than over in more…

Derry sporting success

Whilst the new secretary of state held a reception for the victorious Armagh and under 21 Derry Gaelic football teams at Stormont last night, Derry City fans were still celebrating the rehabilitated fortunes of their own soccer club and their victory in the FAI Cup.

Bloody Sunday: order to shoot ringleaders

“General Sir Robert Ford, 78, told the Bloody Sunday Inquiry that he suggested the best way to help maintain law and order was to “shoot selected ringleaders” among the Bogside’s rioters.” More here. Story in the Independent.

War is over

Martin McGuinness tells documentary makers that his war is over. Update: More on the BBC. Trimble welcomes remarks.

Church in crisis

Malachi O’Doherty on the need for the Catholic church embrace radical action in the face of recent revelations.

Adams speech: Blair

Adams refers to Blair’s recent speech at Belfast Harbour: “Mr. Blair’s speech last week, understandably, was portrayed in the media as no more than a call for the IRA to disband. He is bound to understand why that has angered republicans. But it was a serious and detailed speech and I said at the time more…

Unionist backroom: selling the agreement?

UUP representative says that the North South bodies come closer to recognising Sir James Craig’s vision of normalised relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic than stepping stones on the way to a united Ireland.

Tábhacht dhaonáireamh na Sé Chontae

Tá an Mhatamaitic an-tábhachtach i saol an pháiste agus níos tábhachtaí fós i saol pháistí na Sé Chontae. Níos mó le Robert McMillan in alt a scriobh sé anuraidh.