Jennifer McCann to step down as an MLA

Reported in today’s Andersonstown News, Jennifer McCann, formerly Junior Minister in OFM/DFM and Sinn Fein  MLA for West Belfast will be stepping down as an MLA.

McCann will be taking on a role with the Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill.

Her replacement will be selected on December 1st.



David McCann holds a PhD in North-South relations from University of Ulster. You can follow him on twitter @dmcbfs

  • Brendan Heading

    Six months into the Assembly term and the abuse of the co-option system has resumed already.

  • austin mcclafferty

    The pension scheme carries on a pace. Probably created by mr carlsberg, certainly bigger than the scheme ms foster oversaw.

  • Declan Doyle

    Seems to be lots of changes afoot within Shinnerdom.

  • Roger

    It’s shameful behavior.
    She was elected by the people to represent them. It reminds me of Mary Robinson.

  • Kevin Breslin

    No relation David?

  • Dan

    Yet more abuse of the NI electorate by SinnFein’s scamming machine.

  • David McCann

    None whatsoever

  • This is simply ridiculous. They’ve hardly started the new mandate and they are messing about already.

  • Paul

    I seem to remember a thread on Slugger a few months ago where there was much hand wringing about the old guard of Sinn Fein hanging onto their cushy jobs and not letting a new generation take their place, now I’ll wait and see who takes her place but they appear to be bringing in some new faces to get assembly experience and exposure, using a system that allows them to do so.
    This too it seems has made people unhappy, its true what they say: you can please some people some of the time…

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    I think the truth is actually that SF will displease many people much of the time with a lot of what they do. The question is more: is this an abuse of a system that parties exploit regardless of who they are?

  • Paul

    It really depends on how you look at it do I think Sinn Fein voters will really care? No. I think as long as the person is from SF they’ll not mind a bit, same with DUP if i’m honest. It is something of an abuse of the system because this was not what co option was devised for, fair play to any party who doesn’t use it ‘cynically’ but as SF are looking at it this is a risk free way of getting someone new in and giving them real assembly experience. It may not be in the ‘spirit’ of the rules but there is nothing wrong in it.

  • Kevin Breslin

    I just love the coincidence when you are sent to cover one of the McCanns … Jenifer or Eammon.

  • Skibo

    Not sure it can be judged as abuse of the system. I assume Michelle O’Neill needs assistance with the changes that are coming with the Health System and possibly Jennifer believes the amount of time required would hinder her work on the ground in her community.

  • Brendan Heading

    The idea that the rules can be abused by those in power on the basis that the electorate don’t have a problem with it is the kind of bent self-justification that would otherwise be found in a banana republic.

  • johnny lately

    But its reality Brendan that most people vote for the party rather than the person and especially with Sinn fein. Its a rubber stamp for Sinn Fein to act in whatever way they deem necessary, as long as its within the law, to pursue their political aims.

    Nothing will change for those who voted for Jennifer McCann. If they have any problems or need advice they will be ringing the same numbers and talking to the same people and still no-doubt have access to Jennifer McCann if the need arises.

  • Roger

    Jennifer ought to conclude “Michelle should find someone else; the people trusted me to do the job I was elected to do”. Hindrance or not.

  • SDLP supporter

    My information, not verifiable, is that Jennifer McCann may be replaced by former Provo IRA poster boy, Seana Walsh, who read the ceasefire notice in 1994. Sinn Fein now have no women MLAs in West Belfast, having pensioned off Sue Ramsey and, now, Jennifer McCann. The hard men may be getting restless and want space to put their snouts in the gravy train.

  • Sean79

    Well you information turned out to be well off the mark didn’t it? In fact your post is almost entirely inaccurate.