What happens to UCUNF now?

The NI tail of the UCUNF dog has gone against the Conservative party’s policy on P&J for NI. Sir Reg Empey has seriously embarrassed Mr Cameron, who is now seen both by Democrats and by Republicans in the USA as a dog who can’t control his own tiny tail. How long can UCUNF survive when its two component parties don’t agree on the biggest NI issue since the GFA? And how many more embarrassments is Mr Cameron prepared to endure?

A Belfastman with a few acres in Annalong.

  • granni trixie


    1. Green MLA has not resigned but has given notice of his intention to do so ( it is in the public domain,you have missed it -slipping?).

    2. Lady H:had a healthy scepticism re LADY H as she was plucked from the crowd by Trimble (because he knew her from working with her and she had never demonstrated any interest in ‘doing good’ – her only political act previously had been to campaign for the keeping open of a private school where she lives which her children attended). Consequently,have been surprised that she has been able to do the job. On the interview today however I thought that many ‘insensitive’ remarks she made showed inexperience and for the first time perhaps there are intimations that, given enough rope of this kind, she could hand it to her opponents.

    3. Very astute obs re “if you have a reputation…”

    4.as you might expect I do not agree that “all politcs is about self interest” (suppose I’m an idealist merged with pragmatism).

    5. Having a Senior citizen crush are we? Great,dont knock it,you know I’m all for innocent pleasures.

  • granni trixie

    David: should have said, I thoroughly enjoyed your account of the drama. You’d be great at Stormont! It would be altering a lifetimes resistence however if I had to vote for the PUP or DUP. But as you know, anything’s possible in this place.

  • granni trixie

    dwatch: it was meant ot be representative and capture the sense of this pattern (2nd hand from radio interviews but confirmed from the impressions of others in her constituency who have to listen to this kind of thing often I believe).

  • FitzjamesHorse

    granni trixie,
    Not so much slipping in respect of the Green party man intending to resign …..more a case of not caring about the Greens. I suppose that young lad who stood for the Greens in Euro Election will inherit the sea.
    His posters were all rounf Botanic area but I wasnt interested enough to commit his name to memory.

    But you missed the point of my ideals/self interest assertion.
    We all havea mixture of self/interest and ideal.
    For example I am sure that if world hunger could be wiped out by you and I paying £50 extra tax a year, we would happily agree. Idealism.
    £100……£500….£1,000……see what I mean there is a point where Idealists are tempted by Self Interest……the fault line where politics lie.
    This is most evident in the Greens.

  • granni trixie

    Greens seem to be no different to peace movements here and all over the world – with surprising level of conflicts (as a wealth of lit. testifies). So too in Bangor.
    Lend uz a fiver before I go to make the T?

    BTW, T is a ‘word’ us texters use,you see – prolly the new small talk?

  • On a completely different subject (feel free to ignore my little comment, most do)

    I know I am at least, if not more, guilty than most in this regard, but I do regret the passing of real English.

    It is the fault of texting, tweeting and ever shorter messaging, but I know I offend the purists all the time. Thing is it is so easy to slip! and so very hard to recover…

  • David Crookes

    Heard two interviews today. When I listened to Lady Sylvia Hermon I found myself asking, ‘Is this brilliance?’, and answering, ‘No!’ But she did give credit honestly to the DUP for seeing the P&J thing through.

    When I listened to Mr Danny Kennedy’s prodigiously weak, stuttering, shambling answers, I realized that the UUP was already lying in the mortuary. There’s no point in being untruthful. Only a miracle will bring the UUP back to a position of electoral credibility.

    Many thanks to everyone for keeping this thread on the road.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Yup on all that. I’d have a stop at Fortwilliam, and another at Whitehouse to serve Rathcoole properly. Might be able to justify one opposite the old Grove baths area too. With decent park and ride, you’d take away most of the reasons for people to use their cars.

    We’re going the way things have gone in the US; large sprawling metro areas with low density and no services, making car ownership essential. It’s not good.

  • David Crookes

    Many thanks, granni trixie (page 5, #2). Don’t know about me, but you should certainly be there. Tell the AP that you want to stand as a candidate in the next Stormont election.

    Leaving aside the candidature of individuals, I wonder whether the AP will profit if the UUP becomes extinct. Must be pickings there for someone. I’d be glad to see Mrs Anna Lo in some kind of ministry. Like no 2 in a ministry of trade, at least.

    I had that Yang Guifei in the back of the cab once.

  • David Crookes

    Amen, Tоварищ Сталин (page 5, #8): stops at Grove Park, Fortwilliam, Greencastle, and Whitehouse. There’s plenty of reclaimed land for a car-park at Fortwilliam.

    Isn’t that a good manifesto line for ANY party that wants to stand for election in North Belfast? Anyone in the UUP still alive, or awake, and listening?

    When we really get going we’ll do our best to make the private car smaller, cleaner, UNIFORM, cheap, and a dashed sight less numerous. The mad proliferation of different models and different lots of spare parts that go out of date is one of the chief obscenities of capitalism. I mean to say, a headlamp bulb should be a headlamp bulb, and when we design our own cheap uniform car we’ll make sure that anyone will be able to change their own headlamp bulbs without agony or difficulty. Plus replace damaged panels using only a screwdriver and a spanner. No more thousands-of-pounds nonsense when someone damages one side of your car.

    Death to the minibus-jeep! Must go and take my medication.