Alex Salmond’s case for a surviving Social Union undermined

Polling on Scottish independence shows opinion staying  stuck  broadly against it in familiar proportions, despite the rising volume of campaigning.  But as this will be is an unprecedented once for all exercise with plenty of “don’t  knows”, or “not yet decided” in the frame, there are no grounds for complacency. The SNP’s White Paper on independence is expected next month on which they will be judged. Meanwhile the classic case for the Union is made by Jim Gallagher, a principal architect of devolution. … Read more

The pro-Union wheels are starting to turn in Scotland. But they could still come off the bus

Not before time, the wheels may be turning at last in the creaking pro-union machine  to craft an effective reply to the SNP’s delivery vehicle for Scottish independence.  The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson has done a U-turn  (£) to explore the idea of more and greater taxation powers for Holyrood.  I wonder if  The Herald’s editorial  is right, that this is as much a problem as an opportunity for Ms Davidson? The problem for the Tory leader is … Read more