Closing time at The Dish. How Andrew Sullivan’s blog pioneered change.

“I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative, I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative.’’ – British Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron, Oct, 2011. Following Mick’s link to Tim Montgomerie’s conservative case for gay marriage, it is well worth paying tribute to Andrew Sullivan, the Tory-American writer who literally wrote the book, Virtually Normal, on gay marriage. It’s forgotten how unpopular the idea of gay marriage was on the left, particularly the gay left, … Read more

“the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned…”

It’s worth remembering that Anna Lo presaged her first frustration with live in Northern Ireland by telling the Irish News, that “I’ve had enough of the inability of this society and its political leaders to escape from the past.” Now here’s Tom Kelly defining the real failure to respond amongst Northern Ireland’s broad political leadership, but particular an opportunity evidently unseen by the First Minister to live up to the title he so jealously guards. First the ‘offence’: What kind … Read more