Are Council Dragging Their Heels with the Re-opening Blackhead Path or is it an Impossible Situation?

The Path has now entered its fourth year of closure with no sign of immediate change A large section of Blackhead path in Whitehead, County Antrim has been closed since July of 2014 when Carrickfergus Borough Council shut the path for safety reasons regarding rock-fall and erosion from the sea. The move to close the path off entirely to the public was described at the time by the then Mayor of Carrickfergus Charlie Johnson as only a “short-term” measure and … Read more

DUP/TUV Motion Demanding an Apology for SF Councillor’s Tweet

An interesting piece of politicking is taking place in Mid and East Antrim Council meeting. A motion proposed by Alderman Gregg McKeen (DUP) and seconded by Councillor Timothy Gaston (TUV) states: That this council demands a public apology and states that we have no confidence in Cllr. Hardy as Vice Chair of the Community Planning Committee, after her recent derogatory publications on social media about Her Majesty the Queen. This is in response to Councillor Patrice Hardy (Sinn Fein) posting the following … Read more