Livingstone’s spectacular implosion damages no one more than Khan

Election campaigns are one of the most disappointing parts of politics from an analysis point of view. Rarely do campaigns actually sway the result as much as people like to think. Clearly they are vital and manifestos etc. are essential. However, all too often the manifesto and the campaign itself are the out workings of the almost inevitable result. As examples the disastrous longest suicide note in British political history of Labour’s 1983 campaign was merely the outworking of an … Read more

No national gold for Boris Johnson please

Everybody seems to be writing about Boris Johnson the mayor of London these days. Well, not quite everybody but the political anoraks with not a lot else to write about during the  Olympics   truce,  naturally enough I suppose, with Boris the herald of the Games  going zoink a lot and getting himself stuck in midair on a pulley.  None of the hacks is committing himself  actually to backing Boris for Tory leader and PM but they’re muttering “you never know “ and stroking … Read more

Can Cameron get beyond “jejune policy and serial incoherence”?

I offer this as an addendum to Turgon’s piece… First, Matthew Parris in the Times on Saturday… To Mr Cameron’s critics first. Spare us, please, every sentence with the words, “bedrock”, “core”, and “traditional supporters”, abiding values or “traditional conservatism” in it. What do these words mean – what in terms of doable legislation that this government is not already enacting or committed to? Many of the opinions or attitudes we are won’t to attribute to “core Tory supporters” are … Read more

Thoughts on The New Routemaster and Green Transport

The new Routemaster buses by Wrightbus have finally begun to appear in London. These buses have been championed by Boris Johnston to replace the bendy buses brought in by Ken Livingstone when he was mayor. The buses seem to have proved reasonably popular with the public though a protest bus followed the first new Routemaster to complain about the rise in fares. Several London politicians also joined in the attacks (from the BBC): In an open letter to the mayor, … Read more