#Aras11 Round up: The “And Then There Were Two” Edition

This is the first presidential election in some fourteen years…  And its been a bit of a roller coaster… Not least for Martin McGuinness who’s odds have burned from 3/1 in September out to 25/1 now (or 16/1 on Betfair in a market of £125k)… So here’s our third round up on #Aras11: – Martina Devlin ignored a rather large and inconvenient chunk of Northern Irish constitutional history to suggest that little social social had been undertaken before the 1989 Fair Employment Act … Read more

#Aras11 Round Up: The Long and Short Game Edition…

Okay, lots of analysis to catch up on… Stephen Collins in the Irish Times, notes the difference between revelation and smears, and the doomed bid by Fine Gael hopeful Gay Mitchell… By focusing on McGuinness’s past, Mitchell helped to ensure the public knows as much as possible about the Sinn Féin candidate. McGuinness’s calm response to the charges against him may have impressed people, but one way or another the controversy has ensured voters won’t go to the polls in … Read more

#Aras11 Round Up: The ‘Let’s Get McGuinness’ Edition…

Áras an Uachtaráin - residence of the Irish President, and soon to be home to Northern Irish bees

First of an occasional series from now until the presidential election, a round up: – In the letters section of the Irish Times, from Brian Bourke in London: It seems to me the candidacy of Martin McGuinness is polarising the nation. On the one side we have blind optimism that he may actually stand a chance of being elected. On the other there is blind fear that he might actually stand a chance of being elected. – If this campaign … Read more