Friday thread: Improving Slugger’s comments

One of Slugger’s virtues is its comments thread. Unlike a lot of blogs, Mick applies a certain standard and trolls, threats, sockpuppetry and flamebaiting are generally discouraged. This isn’t done perfectly or consistently because it’s a big job to do and involves hours of unfunded work. We do the best we can under the circumstances – and at least half the job is done when people find themselves occasionally clipped. For the most part, commenters are better-behaved on Slugger than … Read more

Sunday polls: Conservatives nose ahead in a volatile race

Still not brilliant news in Sunday’s polls for the Tories, but I would rather be in their shoes than Labour’s today: no momentum and the campaign (substance vs, erm, ‘the damned Tories’) is slowly disintegrating. Things are still holding up pretty well for the Lib Dems. And after last week’s wobble (as Clegg came into the frame) Cameron’s ratings seem to be heading north again. If I were a Labour hack, one thing (amongst many) to worry about is not the polls … Read more

Are Tory bloggers an asset to their party?

Hindsight is a great thing isn’t it? Surely we all saw that the Tories weren’t on a winner going into an election with the promise of nasty medicine? I mean, I wondered if it would hurt them, but at the time, it was a consideration that got crowded out by others. But it hasn’t worked, has it? The bookies should be paying out already to Tory punters, given the state of the economy and Brown’s lack of charisma. So why … Read more


The most fascinating contest this time in Wales. Here’s last time’s score: Liberal Democrat: 13093 (36.7%) Plaid Cymru: 12840 (36%) Labour: 4316 (12.1%) Conservative: 4312 (12.1%) Other: 1107 (3.1%) Majority: 252 (0.7%) A seat with a fantastic psephological pedigree. A bastion of Welsh Liberalism for 70 years it was taken by nationalist defector Elystan Morgan for Labour in 1966 before returning to the Liberal fold with Geraint Howells in 1974. In 1992 Cynog Dafis of Plaid did the electoral miracle … Read more