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Election Results 2010 - Wales

General Election 2010 – Wales (1 of 2)

OK, for a change, and due to an unprecedented lack of popular demand I thought I’d post about something I know something about……. Scores on the Doors and a map from Wiki below: (more…)

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Political Innovation 2: The politics of buying things

This is a guest cross-post by Dominic Campbell – originally posted on the Political Innovation site here: Well, you wouldn’t still be reading had I called it the politics of procurement now would you? (no, stop – don’t go!). No-one who engages with government procurement comes away impressed with it. It’s a process that wastes more…

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Political Innovation no1: Towards Interactive Government

This is a guest cross-post by Tim Davies – originally posted on the Political Innovation site here: The communication revolution that we’ve undergone in recent years has two big impacts: It changes what’s possible. It makes creating networks between people across organisations easier; it opens new ways for communication between citizens and state; it gives more…

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Launching the ‘Political Innovation’ project

When bloggers meet, I often find that old allegiances (be they left right, or Unionist/Republican) often dissolve into a different political spilt. Those of us who imagine that we ‘get’ the read-write web against the political colleagues that we have who, we believe, fail to foresee the possibilities or the threats. I’ve occasionally witnessed left-right-and-centrist more…

Ulster the “Man City” of the Magners…

Hmm – Mr Humphreys -“We believe we’ve recruited very well this year and I believe this is the best Ulster squad that’s been assembled.” – that’s confidence for you. (more…)

Plaid in UK Elections – what next?

Over at Wales Home Daran Hill and Adam Higgitt discuss “Is Plaid in Crisis” As usual it’s worth reading the lot and the comments but pertinent from Darran is: (more…)

Haf hirfelyn tesog* – well, perhaps not in Ebbw Vale..

It’s a climatic phenomenon as profound as El Nino – the National Eisteddfod in the first week of August draws rain clouds from around the globe. To be honest it hasn’t been that bad in Ebbw Vale this week and a cultural success with worthy winners in the three main literature competitions. (more…)


Lost opportunities the common theme of Labour, past and present

Blair looking back and David Miliband .looking in both directions- it’s been a week of contemplation for Labour in unfamiliar opposition, as the coalition absorbs the pressures of government. Ironically the common theme of the former and the most likely future leader was lost opportunities, under Blair and under Brown. From Blair a confession; from Miliband more…

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Slugger’s comment thread rebuild – redux

You may recall that – a few weeks ago – I posted an idea on how we can add value to Slugger’s comments thread. It met with a mixed reaction, and while some of you liked the idea and saw possibilities in it, there were also some extremely perceptive objections. As a result, we have more…

The power of incumbency

OK – post election depression done with – here’s some analysis. Prior to the expenses scandal it was conventional to think that the combination of new technology and the £10k p.a. MP’s communication allowance would increase the power of incumbency. So let’s see if the incumbency effect exists. Here’s the percentage drop in Labour votes more…

What’s occuring down under?

So a Barry girl is the new Australian Prime Minister: Julia Gillard Which begs two interesting quiz questions: 1) What’s the Ian Paisley Snr connection? 2) Name 2 20th century Welsh speaking Prime Ministers

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Friday thread: Improving Slugger’s comments

One of Slugger’s virtues is its comments thread. Unlike a lot of blogs, Mick applies a certain standard and trolls, threats, sockpuppetry and flamebaiting are generally discouraged. This isn’t done perfectly or consistently because it’s a big job to do and involves hours of unfunded work. We do the best we can under the circumstances more…

Sunday polls: Conservatives nose ahead in a volatile race

Still not brilliant news in Sunday’s polls for the Tories, but I would rather be in their shoes than Labour’s today: no momentum and the campaign (substance vs, erm, ‘the damned Tories’) is slowly disintegrating. Things are still holding up pretty well for the Lib Dems. And after last week’s wobble (as Clegg came into the more…

Are Tory bloggers an asset to their party?

Hindsight is a great thing isn’t it? Surely we all saw that the Tories weren’t on a winner going into an election with the promise of nasty medicine? I mean, I wondered if it would hurt them, but at the time, it was a consideration that got crowded out by others. But it hasn’t worked, more…


The most fascinating contest this time in Wales. Here’s last time’s score: Liberal Democrat: 13093 (36.7%) Plaid Cymru: 12840 (36%) Labour: 4316 (12.1%) Conservative: 4312 (12.1%) Other: 1107 (3.1%) Majority: 252 (0.7%) A seat with a fantastic psephological pedigree. A bastion of Welsh Liberalism for 70 years it was taken by nationalist defector Elystan Morgan more…