RIRA moving into the North

Sharon O’Neill in the subscription only Irish News reports: “The successful crackdown on Real IRA activity in the Republic has led the organisation to shift its power base to Northern Ireland, the latest security assessments have revealed. Evidence from Derry city points to it being the only area of the north where the Real IRA seems to have established a base from which to launch regular attacks. Suspicions that the Real IRA was now being led by members based in …

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Slan, slan go foill

Thainig deireadh tobann Dé Máirt le ré Mhick McCarthy… níos mó

Irish soccer civil war

The recent resignation of Mick McCarthy has presaged a minor civil war in the Republic over who was to blame: Keane, the FAI or McCarthy himself. Henry McDonald discusses the little talked about tension between two of the biggest teams in Belfast, which broadly splits the city east and west. Found via Newshound.

Mallon on the Process

Seamus Mallon in interview in Pittsburgh.

Unionist silence over crucifixion

The Examiner slates Unionists over their silence over the horrific beating of Henry McCartan at the weekend. The Belfast Telegraph adds its voice to condemn this incident. David Ford calls for the introduction of an offence of ‘hate crime’.

No decommissioning; no devolution

Trimble, speaking in Liverpool yesterday, warned that the restoration of devolution was not certain. More on UTV.

NI and the Euro

There’s a discussion coming up on the BBC.

Richard Perle attacks Sinn Fein

Looks like Eammon McCann’s reading of Sinn Fein as an organisation moving to the right may have been somewhat flawed.

McCarthy quits

Finally the strain of the World Cup spat with Roy Keane has taken its toll on the Republic’s manager, and he’s gone.

McCann on the IRA: summary

Eammon McCann seems to have been around since the troubles first kicked off for real back in 1968. He has finally produced what is probably the best review so far what is probably the most celebrated books on Northern Ireland of recent times, The Secret History of the IRA. IN fact this is more than a review, it is an essay by an acute observer who is intimate with the many intricate and subtle theologies of the Irish Republican movement. …

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McCann on the IRA: right not left

McCann finally suggests that the substantial change in the political character of the northern Republican movement is demonstrated in Adams’ pragmatism: “…when he veered off the path of armed struggle he veered to the right and not to the left. Having ditched the ideas that underpinned armed struggle, discarding any notion of wanting to turn the world, or even the constitutional status quo, upside down, Adams and the group around him set out to recruit the most powerful allies potentially …

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Loyalist feud to end?

It looks like things are beginning to wind down.

UDA brothel burns down

Another contender for the bizarre headline of the month award, but it seems to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Demoralised prods: summary

Richard Kelly visited NI recently to speak to a number of largely pro-agreement figures in NI. He begins by suggesting that David Trimble did not capitalise on the advantages of the Belfast Agreement from the beginning, instead what began as a victory has come to be seen by many Unionists as a defeat. Ervine suggests that long term promises don’t satisfy people under various short term pressures, particularly in interface areas. Again with Ervine he identifies education as a key …

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Ervine: alternative is more for Dublin

In the Irish Post, David Ervine talks to Paul Green: “The people of Northern Ireland have to be made aware that there are two types of government on offer. One is that the British and Irish governments will administer power here and the other is that the people of Northern Ireland themselves will. They need to be aware of that choice because when we abandon our capacity to work together, then we are handing over our authority to Dublin and …

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McCann on the IRA: defenders

Echoing Jack Holland’s interview with Moloney in the summer, McCann makes a robust distinction between the nature of Republicanism in Belfast and Derry and that of the more classic type: “Moloney rightly identifies Adams’s 1983 election to Westminster from West Belfast as one of the most significant plot points in his narrative. He might with advantage have directly quoted the new MP’s exultant first words to cheering crowds on the Falls Road: ‘Even De Valera couldn’t win the Falls.’ De …

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Paul Murphy: a last welcome

Danny Morrison gives a broad welcome to the new secretary of state, but finishes with typical lyricism: “If the British government allows the political process to become mired on the single issue of the IRA, then Paul Murphy is going nowhere except back to Wales to listen to classical music and cook, which is how, he says, he relaxes.”

SDLP: gloves off

The SDLP’s Alisdair McDonnell speaking at the weekend. “The loyalist violence is nasty. The unionist prevarication is difficult and trying. But the real crunch here is that Sinn Féin let us down and they have lied their way around every corner since October 4 trying to pretend they are not.”

Demoralised prods: ungovernable temprament

Kelly talks to Rev John Dunlop, minister of Rosemary Presbyterian Church in north Belfast: “‘There is a community worker I know well,’ he says, ‘who says that cross-community work for her is to get young people from the two loyalist paramilitary factions together in the same room. It’s a big move from that to then engage with the republican community further up the street, who tend to be a lot more articulate and ideologically aware.’” He describes how he sees …

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Irish for the Irish alone?

Roy Garland attacks the ethnic assumptions made by some when justifying the promotion of the Irish language.