Trimble: fuller context

Abdon Pallasch, of the Chicago Sun-Times gives a fuller account of Trimble’s interview by that paper’s board. Perhaps the most interesting corrective within this account is that Trimble admits that he was not comparing the South unfavourably with the North, but the South with mainland Britain, where multiculturalism is rapidly becoming embedded in public life and consciousness.

Paisley: an tús den deiridh?

Tharla an chomhdháil bhliantúil is mó agus is fearr a riamh ag an DUP, dar leis an gheall bolscaireacht DUP, ag an deireadh seachtaine seo caite. Ach dar le Foinse, seo an tús den deiridh ré Ian Paisley.

Haass: 5 pillars of progress

Thanks to Emily Jones for the communique from the US Embassy in London. It contains five points he delivered to a business group in Belfast on the 20th November 2002: — Elimination of all paramilitary capabilities and an end to all paramilitary behavior, including, but not limited to, targeting and so-called punishment beatings; — Effective community policing and continued police reform; — Continued and ultimately complete demilitarization or normalization of the British military presence; — Strengthening institutions and practices that … Read more

Six arrested in Belfast and N Antrim

The day began with news of Loyalist arrests and with due deference to the need for balance, we now have news from the BBC of the arrest of six people from a Republican background suspected of being involved with gun running from the US.

Satirical bites

The latest version of the Portadown News is available.

Policing drama: pressure on the IRA

With major legislative concessions in the pipeline, the Belfast Telegraph speculates that the ball will now lie in the IRA’s court, to make a decisive move and kick-start the process again.

Trimble and the Republic

Emerging from a tradition that many would characterise as anti-intellectual, this piece from Roy Garland charting a plausable defence of Trimble’s outburst last week is all the more interesting: “There are two kinds of unionism. One rejoices in intimate links with a pluralist, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic British state whose openness to the world and tolerance of difference holds people within its orbit. Their attachment to the union is compatible with a love of this island and appreciation of Anglo-Irish and sometimes … Read more

DUP: not an alternative, yet

In the wake of the DUP’s annual conference, the Belfast Telegraph still believes its lack of an expressed political vision is the party’s greatest weakness: “The weakness of the DUP’s position has always been its failure to come up with any alternative which would command cross-community support. The latest defiant refusal to negotiate with “the representatives of terrorism” does not suggest that anything has changed.” Update: William Graham in yesterday’s Irish News reported on Ian Paisley’s list of demands, and … Read more

First Ministers's staffing too high?

Democratic Dialogue is in the news again, defending its attack on the high staffing levels of the Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister in it latest bulletin.

Police move on Loyalists

There have been raids this morning resulting in the arrest of several individuals, mostly in the Waterside district of Derry and the Co Antrim town of Ballymoney. Update: more from Associated Press.

Big brother works?

Henry McDonald reports on the effects of CCTV in an interface area of North Belfast.

Cad a bhfuil le rá faoin Phoblacht?

Pléigheann Ian Malcolm ar an substaint den ráiteas deifreach a thainig ó David Trimble ar na mallaibh.

Tá Robert Fisk ag teacht go Doire

Tá an t-iriseoir, Robert Fisk, le 30ú léacht chuimhneacháin Dhomhnach na Fola a thabhairt i nDoire, Dé Luain seo chugainn. Is é “Crimes Without Punishment” teideal na léachta ina gcuirfidh sé an próiseas síochána anseo i gcomórtas lena mhacasamhail sa Mheánoirthear. Níos mó. Faighte againn trí Bheo.

In support of Trimble?

One unlikely supporter of David Trimble came in the form of Eilish O’Hanlon. Never is her wit so wry and biting as when it has a clear target in mind. This time she went after Trimble’s various critics. We’ll begin by quoting her last line, first: “FINALLY, a correction. In the Sunday Independent last week, Jody Corcoran wrote that the Troubles began ‘in 1968’. This should, of course, have read ‘approximately 800 years ago with the arrival of those filthy … Read more

DUP: internal grumbling

The wrangle over DUP selection in Mid Ulster continues.

UUP: the Orange link

Dennis Watson, an Orangeman and former member of the UUP told the DUP’s conference at the weekend that the link between the Order and his former party would be broken in the near future. We carried various Unionist views on this scenario at the beginning of November.

Protestant support holding

The US Consulate took the unusual step of releasing figures from one of their private polls, which seems to contradict the impression that support for the Belfast Agreement is fading fast amongst the protestant population. Interestingly, there seems to be no single reason unifying those opposed.

Derry/Londonderry: name change?

Gregory Campbell complains that the proposed name change is sectarian and divisive.

Paisley in good voice

Veteran politician Ian Paisley proved that at 77, he is still capable reproducing his own inimitable brand of rhetoric at his party’s annual conference at the weekend. Though there is a certain incongruity between the character of the leader’s speech and that of party secretary Nigel Dodds, who spoke of “…a good and viable alternative and only the DUP has the strength and ability to negotiate a better deal.” Update: Paisley has told his party that anyone making contact with … Read more

Policing drama: new deal?

Henry McDonald says that the government is ready to offer Sinn Fein a deal, in which former prisoners will be allowed to sit on the district policing boards, if they take their seats on the central board, giving their approval to the PSNI as the legitimate police force in the North for the first time. But there are signs that if this move were attempted without substantial moves towards IRA disbandment, Unionists would simply walk out of the central board. … Read more