IRA army council shake up

There have been major changes in the IRA’s controlling body for the first time in five years.

Parade Commission review

The report on the Parades Commission chaired by Sir George Quigley has just been published.

Moloney sacked

Journalist of the moment, Ed Moloney, has been sacked from his job on the Sunday Tribune newspaper, so reports the subscription only Irish News: “Mr Maloney, who has reported for the paper for 16 years, said he was “shocked” when a letter from the paper’s outgoing editor Matt Cooper, terminating his contract, was delivered to more…

David Ervine: biography

IN review of the book in this month’s Fortnight magazine, Newton Emerson of the Portadown News, says of his subject : “David Ervine played a key role in delivering the loyalist ceasefire. He negotiated directly with Albert Reynolds to secure promises essential in securing the Good Friday Agreement promises which have been kept. He humanised more…

Business: collapse unwelcome

500 chief executives of NI companies were polled for BBC by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. It confirms the impression that business people are amongst the strongest supporters of the devolved institutions: “…almost 80% saying an assembly was the best option for running the economy – while two thirds also favour closer ties to the Republic of Ireland’s economy.”

Stormont crisis: another suspect on spy charge

Another, as yet unnamed, suspect has just been arrested. This case first claimed media attention as a result of the PSNI raid, which kicked off the current political crisis. Update: Apparently the person concerned worked in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister. From Reuters.

Murphy: an end to paramilitaries

In his first substantial interview as Secretary of State, Paul Murphy tells Chris Thornton that we are at the stage when paramilitaries must be taken out of political life: “We’ve seen no end to the violence amongst paramilitary groups. I mean, this crucifixion (of 23-year-old Harry McCartan in Dunmurry) is such an obvious example of more…

Decommissioning shortcomings

Stephen King asks whether the decommissioning body has credibility without powers of sanction. “…why have they been so unsuccessful? De Chastelain gives the answer: ‘We are in a somewhat difficult position because we have no means of coercion.’”

Pay cut for MLAs

Assembly members to lose £10,000 from their salary.

Demoralised prods: a response

In the subscription-only Irish News, Brian Feeney picks out Chris McGimpsey’s assertions over the electoral politics in North Belfast in Richard Kelly’s article in Prospect magazine for a detailed rebuttal: “The most depressing aspect of McGimpsey’s tendentious contribution is this: Commentators criticise middle-class unionists for opting out of the political process and leaving it to more…

RIRA moving into the North

Sharon O’Neill in the subscription only Irish News reports: “The successful crackdown on Real IRA activity in the Republic has led the organisation to shift its power base to Northern Ireland, the latest security assessments have revealed. Evidence from Derry city points to it being the only area of the north where the Real IRA more…

Slan, slan go foill

Thainig deireadh tobann Dé Máirt le ré Mhick McCarthy… níos mó

Irish soccer civil war

The recent resignation of Mick McCarthy has presaged a minor civil war in the Republic over who was to blame: Keane, the FAI or McCarthy himself. Henry McDonald discusses the little talked about tension between two of the biggest teams in Belfast, which broadly splits the city east and west. Found via Newshound.

Unionist silence over crucifixion

The Examiner slates Unionists over their silence over the horrific beating of Henry McCartan at the weekend. The Belfast Telegraph adds its voice to condemn this incident. David Ford calls for the introduction of an offence of ‘hate crime’.

No decommissioning; no devolution

Trimble, speaking in Liverpool yesterday, warned that the restoration of devolution was not certain. More on UTV.