Using the site


Slugger has a set of rules for commenters. There’s a long version, but the shorter version fits into a short sentence:

“Play the ball and not the man.”

In addition, if you add more than one link to your comment, it may be held in the moderation queue – this is a standard anti-spam measure (comment spam often has lots of links so we’ve set the site up accordingly).

Getting one of those pictures next to your name

You may have noticed that a lot of commenters have a picture on their profile – one that is stored next to their comments. This is based upon a ‘Gravatar’ and you can get one of your own very easily. All you do is go here and register the email address that you have registered your Slugger profile against. There may be a short delay between creating your avatar and Slugger picking it up though – please be patient.

Reclaiming your username from the pre-April 2010 site

In April 2010, Slugger was moved onto a new software and hosting platform. Everyone who registered with the old site will be able to claim their username. For privacy reasons, your old passwords were encrypted so we’ve not been able to bring them across.

You will need to  log into this site as if you’d forgotten your passwords. we’ve prepared a briefing here that will show you how to reclaim it if you get stuck with this. NB: You will only be able to reclaim your username if you have access to the email address that you used to register originally. This is where we will send the link that allows you to set up your new password.

Putting html links in the comments
You can add a html link to another webpage in the comments as well, by the way.

Here’s the raw html to create a link like that one. Please bear our comment-spam settings in mind when you create links in your comments: We hold comments with more than one link in them in our moderation queue as an anti-spam measure.

How to add html to the comments thread

Contacting us

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