Eamonn Holmes to join GB News…

North Belfast’s own Eamonn Holmes is to join GB News.

A very strange move as GB News has been losing what little viewers it had. From the I:

GB News has lost 60 per cent of its audience since launching in June, a ratings analysis has found.

The crisis-hit channel, which lost flagship presenter Andrew Neil after a furious row with bosses, is currently watched by an average of 21,000 TV viewers, or 0.3 per cent of the total audience, between 6am and 2am.

Launching on the evening of Sunday June 13, GB News averaged 50,000 viewers across its first week, narrowly behind Sky News (57,000) and well behind BBC News (103,000).

In contrast, Good Morning averaged around 1.4 million viewers.

Unless the aliens are invading I really can’t understand why anyone would watch a News Channel. I only ever watched them when they were the only English channels in Spanish hotels, even then I would just turn the TV off after 10 mins.

Maybe Eamonn will do a double act with the other recent GB news signing Arlene Foster. Now I would tune in for that.