Jeff Bezos flies to the edge of space in giant phallus…

The billionaire space race is equal parts vulgar and hilarious.

Last week alleged tax exile Richard Branson put last year’s unfortunate business of asking the government to bail out his companies behind him to blast to the edge of space for a few minutes. He nearly managed to achieve what the Soviets did 60 years ago with less technology than you would find in a modern wristwatch.

Not to be outdone Jeff Bezos has gone full Dr Evil and blasted himself to the edge of space in a giant phallus.

A few people pointed out the gilded age levels of wealth between Bezos and his employees.

Jon Stewart perfectly sends up the whole farce with this hilarious video:

I am sure it is fun messing around with big rockets, but just a suggestion lads. Could you put your skills and money into something useful? Solving global warning? Curing malaria? Giving the developing world proper water and sanitation?

Thankfully Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife McKenzie Scott has a bit more of a social conscience. She has donated $8.5 billion in less than a year to actual worthy causes on this planet.