Today is the hottest day ever recorded in Northern Ireland as temperatures reached 31.2C…

This will likely not come as a surprise to those of you who have been sweltering under the heat the past few days.

During the parkrun this morning it was already 24 degrees at 10 am. I know some of you love the heat but it is too friggin’ hot for me. Anything above 20 and I start to get uncomfortable.

I can never understand why people spend thousands going to Spain and Greece every summer to swelter in the baking sun.

My tip to survive the heat is to keep your blinds in your bedroom closed during the day. Switch to a lighter summer duvet if you have not already. Lastly, invest in a good fan, I have this chappie, a bargain at £22. The fan has the added benefit of the white noise helps you to sleep.

In case you are wondering Ballywatticock is outside Newtownards.

Photo by stevepb is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA