Gordon Lyons appointed Economy Minister…

Poor old Paul Frew, he was only in the job two weeks and now he is out.

From his profile, it seems the 35 year old Gordon Lyons has never had a job outside of politics. He was an assistant to Sammy Wilson before becoming an MLA.

At this point, it would be easy to make a joke about his lack of experience in the real world but it’s just another example of how politics now is full of party insiders. The same thing is happening at Westminster and the Dáil Éireann. The career progression is now: 1) join a party at University; 2) assistant to a politician; 3) run for party.

There is a major issue with political parties not being able to attract people with real-world skills and experience. But when you see the abuse politicians get in the media and online you can understand the great reluctance of people to put their names forward. Who would want that hassle?

I think we should have the American system where you can appoint anyone to cabinet positions. We need some way for civic-minded people to offer their time and skills.

My suggestion to Mr Lyons is to appoint an advisory panel, a lot of business people are more than happy to offer their services for free.