Diane Dodds holds the key to getting the population fully vaccinated…

The Northern Ireland vaccine programme has been a stunning success. We have pretty much full vaccination in the over 60s and they have been doing a great job of going down the age groups. The issue is as you get younger you start to get more vaccine hesitancy. Young people generally think they are immortal, and when you have a disease that does not seem to affect them too badly you can understand why some might be tempted to not bother.

So how do you encourage the vaccine-hesitant? Simple: cold hard cash.

Diane Dodds as the Economy Minister plans to have a High Street Stimulus scheme whereby every adult in Northern Ireland gets £100 to spend. There are also holiday vouchers:

Holiday at Home Voucher Scheme will allow Northern Ireland households to claim back 50% off a stay of two nights or more in certified accommodation, up to the value of £100. Vouchers will also be issued, offering 50% off visits to attractions or tourism experience providers, up to the value of £20.

All you have to do is make being vaccinated a condition of receiving the vouchers and this will increase vaccine take-up in younger groups. Get the jab, get £200. Simple.