And since it is our island’s national saint’s day, give us your St Patrick’s day sounds…

Lá fhéile Phádraig sona daoibh go léir, or happy St Patrick’s Day all. For once, we’re all confined to our homes, though with the way vaccines are getting out there it won’t be too long before we can enjoy this international holiday together again.

Patrick is not just patron of Ireland, but according to Wikipedia of Nigeria, Montserrat, Boston, Rolla, Missouri, Loíza, Puerto Rico, Murcia (Spain), engineers, paralegals, and is invoked against snakes, and sins.

He is venerated in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Churches. It’s a public holiday in both ireland’s Monserrat and Newfoundland & Labrador. In Boston it coincides with Evacuation Day.

Last summer I was lucky enough to pass through one of his supposed birthplaces, Banwen in Wales. It sits in a wide open valley and once sited on the Neath-Brecon section of the Sarn Helen Roman road along the Pyrddin valley.

Such a modest beginning for such a man (or idea of a man). In Old Irish his name was spelled Pátraic, Modern Irish Pádraig, English Patrick, Scottish Gaelic Pàdraig, Welsh Padrig and Cornish Petroc.

And it’s from that last, I’ll take my cue. Petroc Trelawney on BBC Radio 3 played a smattering of sounds in celebration of one of Ireland’s few unifying symbols this morning. So we ask you to add your own poems or music for the day that’s in it

I’ll start with this invocation of what many of us on Slugger (no matter how long we may be gone) still feel is our home, read by our own Sarah Creighton…

And then, via the boul’ Petroc, a great rendition of Fáinne Geal an Lae from cellist Cliodhna Ní Aodháin…

YouTube video

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