So, which room of change do you think Northern Ireland is in…?

I came across this HR tool the other day, called the four rooms of change. It’s actually a proprietary product so if you want to know more, please contact them. The iterated version is recognisable to most of us whose core passion is Northern Irish politics.

Illustration from Mike Morrison,

Before I ask for responses (and only responses, for the purposes of this exercise, all comments on the responses of others will be removed, positive or not), please note there’s no direct route from contentment to renewal.

Change, and boy has NI gone through a lot of change in the last 20 years, isn’t easy. There’s wrong doors, despair, paralysis and confusion. Confusion is not just okay it’s an obvious prerequisite for eventual renewal.

Not all change is good of course, and in my view, the digital era has probably doused us with rather too much of it at once for our tiny human heads/souls to deal with. But dealing with is is better than ignoring it.

So tell us briefly (people tend not to read essay length comments online), which room do you think Northern Ireland currently is, and why?

Change” by Thorsten-Koch is licensed under CC BY-ND