Leo Varadkar’s tough line on SF’s North South hypocrisy on equality agenda…

If there is a time for humour, and this probably wasn’t it Taoiseach, but I do think it is long past time Sinn Féin was not allowed to get away with putting down its inability to get anything done in NI to the Brits and/or the Prods.

In the hyper tense post Brexit referendum age it’s too easy for southern voters to buy any old guff as a way of shifting the blame from internal (ie, Strand 1 and Strand 2 relations on the island) relations to the British.

However, record in government in the north should matter to southern voters (not to mention the pol corrs tasked with informing them properly). This wasn’t an attack on Sinn Féin, but a series of blows on a ropey opposition:

I don’t think many southern commentators understand what they ignore the detail of how northern democracy collapsed without a trace, but what’s worse is the stenographisation of party political tropes that are not reflected in the data.

Nearly five years of an FG/Labour coalition and a further four of an FG/FF confidence and supply administration has led to much better outcomes than SF and the alphabet left routinely suggest. Final word, Seamus Coffey:

Photo by useche70 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA