Book that shows your kids how to clean their hands like never before?

Some of you with kids will understand the new-ish territory of trying to get your offspring to get their hands cleaner than they (and most likely yourself) have done ever before.

It was once the case that junior doctors were not allowed to touch patients until the ward sister was convinced they knew how to wash their hands properly.

Recently dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic hand gel dot most wards which means that some of the older hand washing skills are not used as ubiquitously as they once were.

With gels in short supply and resort to old fashioned hand washing inevitable, if you have a kindle and kids, why not download Eamon Nancarrow’s 2012 Clean Hand Book free?

An infection control expert from Belfast Eamon has re-published a book he wrote in order to teach children how to wash their hands properly. It’s free for the next few days.