Mrs May “offered Brexit cheap and fast by slashing the things the project was intended to deliver…”

I can barely stand to look at the mess Brexit has become. Not because I feel drawn back to the EU but the lack of an honest debate around it has created a large empty space in which a sui generis culture war has played (mostly uselessly) with our collective sense of who we are.

This is Northern Irish stasis gone large and gone viral.  Of all the yards of comment, and worse speculation, about what is going happen next (almost always proved wrong within days), there is an occasional gem that speaks right across the huge problem that faces all of us.

So I’m grateful to The Naked Mole Rat for this gem of an insight from Project Management for a common sense explanation as to why the Brexit process is so transparently failing. Meet The Iron Triangle:

We have experimented for 2 years with breaking the Iron Triangle – and this should not shock anybody who has ever attempted to build a shed – we have found it cannot be broken. The lie underpinning Brexit still needs to be resolved.

Theresa May’s deal attempts to resolve it by sacrificing quality. She offered Brexit cheap and fast, but only by slashing away at the things the project was intended to deliver.

And Leavers hate it.

Remainers have repeatedly explained the costs of Brexit, and the price Britain will pay in jobs, investment, cuts, debts, tax increases, security, the NHS, or any combination of those things.

And Leavers hate it.

And finally, there are moves in Parliament to extend the schedule, so we can attempt to meet the quality and price requirements.

And Leavers hate it.

Leavers hate these things because nobody has told them that they have to make a choice. The “what do you want to sacrifice?” question I asked of clients at the beginning of a project was always difficult; but failing to have the conversation made everything far more difficult later.

Theresa May should have told voters the truth from the start. She should have set up a cross-party group to find solutions, and she should have set them the task of explaining “The Iron Triangle” to the public, and ascertaining what the public actually wanted to sacrifice, so we all knew what to expect.

Go and read the whole thing

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