“Listen to me big balls” plus the revelation that Jonathan Bell made secret RHI recordings

Some of the revelations coming out of the RHI inquiry are almost like a Vaudeville show.  Quote of the month falls to DUP SpAd Tim Cairns, courtesy of the BBC…

During a row in London in 2015 one particularly heated exchange between the pair ended, Mr Bell claimed, with Mr Cairns telling him:

“Now you’re going to listen to me big balls.”

The Perm Sec at the Enterprise Dept, Andrew McCormick only remarked that the language used was “terse, pointed, it was right at the borderline of normal conversation if not a bit over it.”

All very entertaining. But here’s the thing, the BBC also reports that Bell was secretly recording conversations with McCormick and at least one party colleague. All very Nixon-esque and, er, not terribly legal.

You’d wonder why a minister would be so concerned about what others were saying to him. It’s not as though he was being set up or anything?

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