Eastwood: We must not write the obituary of the Good Friday Agreement…

Good point here from Colum Eastwood [remember him? – Ed]

We already know that the DUP and Sinn Féin have significantly compromised on their public positions and yet they still haven’t done the deal. People deserve to know that the delay in doing a deal isn’t because the divisions are insurmountable – it is instead because some in those parties have judged that the return of local government doesn’t serve their own interests.

Those selfish party interests are easily identifiable – the centre of power in the DUP has moved to their MPs in Westminster and Sinn Féin has always been more comfortable protesting than governing. For over a year now the interests of the people in Northern Ireland haven’t featured in their considerations.

Again, look at the Slugger TV debate from 12.25, and dip into that discussion about where politics goes if it doesn’t come back to Stormont. Most of it now sits in London, with Dublin (whether it comprises SF or not) pushed out to consult on the edge of things.

That protest look is not a good one for the next Irish general election. But some fairly senior SF folks appear to know that already.

Picture: “Politically bulletproof” Brexit agreement – no hard border for Northern Ireland” by Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916 is licensed under Creative Commons.

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