“This is such a mess for Sinn Féin against the background of the party’s calls for respect and equality…”

Interesting coda to the McElduff saga… John Manley writes “according to Mr [Brian] Feeney, Mr McElduff ‘got off lightly’…”

“This sanction was very lenient,” he told The Irish News last night. “He has done this sort of stuff before and been warned against it but still continues to play the clown.”

The Irish News columnist said Sinn Féin needed “to take this matter much more seriously”.

“This is such as mess for Sinn Féin against the background of the party’s calls for respect and equality,” he said.

“There really should have been an exemplary punishment for this – there’s no equivalence between Peader Toibín voting on terms of conscience and McElduff acting daft by walking around a supermarket with a loaf on his head.”

For the record, Deputy Toibin (a real public representative paid by the state) was suspended from the party for six months for refusing the SF whip on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013. It’s this that’s catching southern eyes more than the original offence.

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  • Sperrin

    Here’s an interesting coda. If all the supposedly outraged unionist politicians really gave a fig about the innocent victims and their families they might ask the same questions Alan Black asked in Darragh McIntyre’s documentary on collusion. The police files on the case were lost or hidden. A number of contradictory excuses were given by the ruc as to why they were unable to provide the files. “What are they hiding”.