May suggestion that Phase One can roll into Phase Two is not compliant with A50…

Interesting development, coming in on the heel of the news that the British PM failed to share with the DUP, turns out that no only has Mrs May not told Mrs Foster what she was planning, she also has yet to discuss the matter of what sort of Brexit she wants with the Cabinet.

That suggests she’s going to have major problems hammering this together. More concerning from an Irish point of view, she seems to think that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”, then going on to tell Jeremy Corbin that what’s not agreed about at Phase 1, can be rolled over onto Phase 2.

In fact, that is not compliant with the Article 50 schedule. This may be the point at which the Taoiseach may have to pull that prementioned veto card from out of the pack. Mrs May has quite a pack of wild cards to pull together at very short notice. The ebbing of good will over the last couple of weeks won’t help.