“It is representative of fear represented to us by our constituents…”

This fascinating interview of Ian Paisley by Noel Whelan at the Kennedy Summer School is worth listening to. The whole thing is worth listening to, but if you are short of time, jump in about 18.08 in and him talking about the battleground that the Irish language has become…

  • 1729torus

    “Am Ghobsmacht” is likely somewhat correct about the “Serbo-Croatian signs effect”, but SF are acting well within the bounds of what is permissible in a normal democracy and can argue that they are legitimately representing their constituents.

    There isn’t anything SF have done in relation to Irish that the DUP haven’t done themselves in a more aggressive fashion at some point or another.

    I don’t see how the DUP can get out of this situation TBH, they’ve become entangled by their past actions and have been implicitly assuming that NI would always somehow be tilted in their favour.

  • mickfealty

    Don’t disagree. But sometimes not giving your opponent a credible exit is actually bad for you.

  • Neil
  • Karl

    Yes, but that’s the DUP for you.

    Boom tish

  • Damien Mullan

    Majoritarianism seems to breed a mind set.

    True enough Nationalism was guilty of that in the early 20th century, when we held to the foolish pretense that there was one people on this island, one people divide by a foreign foe, but that was a comforting fairy tale and nothing more.

    But Unionism makes that same catastrophic analysis in the mind set expounded by Ian Paisley above. ‘Our’ country, ‘Our’ people. No, it’s ‘his’ country, ‘his’ people. If ‘Our’ was unacceptable to unionists a century ago, so unpalatable that they decided upon cordoning off a sixth of the island, so as to make of themselves a majority, then it should be equally unpalatable today, on the grounds of consistency at the very least. His country is analogous with Northern Ireland’s jurisdictional boundary, Nationalists like myself, live in a country that is analogous with two states that both encompass the entire island of Ireland. I have no desire to deny him his state/country, neither should anyone deny my states/country.

    There are peoples in Northern Ireland, not a singular people, one would have thought The Troubles would have registered that salient fact into peoples minds.

    Willful ignorance cuts across the divide.

  • CB

    A recent example of SF giving their opponents a credible exit came at Twaddle and led to a much quieter summer than we’d likely have had otherwise.

    SF expended significant political capital to allow their opponents out of a corner they’d painted themselves into, and appear to have got little credit for it. You don’t need to be an especially rabid chuck to see why they’d be more reticent this time out.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    One of the basic rules of problem solving and conflict resolution: allow one’s adversaries to save face.

  • Karl

    There appears to be less of the bellicosity and guffawing from the DUP. I think its beginning to dawn on them how theyve positioned themselves on a number of issues that will come home to roost in the next 12 months.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    Will it be necessary for them to adopt a softer or more conciliatory line? Their core vote probably prefers them to remain intransigent.

  • Karl

    The future will settle into each side of 40% trying to persuade the 20% in the middle to side with them on an issue by issue basis.
    Even then, Im not sure they can do compromise / concilliation. Alliance were painted in the same light as republicans over the Belfast flag vote.

  • Oggins

    Ian is definitely a one off.

    He spoke well of MMG and discuss his journey. He then goes on to discuss how he believes his father had no influence on the troubles and did not help fan the flames.

    He comes across witty in this interview and on twitter (i.e. Irish passports) but then at the same times speaks horribly on gay marriage and can be a serious troll on twitter.

    I think from that we can all agree is he susceptible to the same failures as us all.

    I thought it was interesting though that he said he had a private conversation with Gregory, and is speaking out now about the his thoughts on Gregory. Mick has been regularly talking about leadership. I think this is a good example of another failure of leaders. Ian had an opportunity to actually speak out. To change the groundhog Day of our politics. To take a brave step… But he didn’t and had it behind a closed door, resulting in an unofficial approval as sorts.

    We follow and vote our leaders in place and look for them to do the right thing. If we had ‘our leaders’ actually calling out their own party members in public and dare say hold them accountable, I would say each side would learn to respect each other more.

  • Korhomme

    Is it just me, or is the sound very, very quiet? I really couldn’t follow much of what was being said.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    While each will undoubtedly become increasingly dependent on that 20%’s (and growing?) co-operation, it will be on pragmatic issues: the issues that don’t preoccupy the obsessively themmuns vs arr wans. It’s in this centre ground that some progress can be made.
    As for what Alliance suffered due to the flegs nonsense it was due to the heat of the moment and those moments are only fleeting in the grand scheme of things.

  • Karl

    Agreed. And on those pragmatic issues like womens rights, marriage equality and ILA the centre ground share the position of the green side with the orange side trying to block.
    As the orange side continues to stymie progress towards a 21st century society, they will increasingly find themselves outvoted by the green and centrist blocs on day to day issues

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    No it’s not just you.

  • Reader

    Karl: As the orange side continues to stymie progress towards a 21st century society, they will increasingly find themselves outvoted by the green and centrist blocs on day to day issues
    Well, if that’s the limit of your ambitions then good luck.