Brexit won’t be the Holy Grail some nationalists think it is…

Nice interview by Allison Morris with Mervyn Gibson…

Rev Gibson, who voted in favour of Brexit, says he thinks Sinn Féin see Britain leaving the EU as “useful tool in their propaganda machine”.

“I was in favour of Brexit and returning sovereignty to the UK in general, I was fed up with EU telling us what to do.

“Regarding the border, as long as there is a border and it stays where it is I don’t care if it is hard, soft or whatever.

“Preferably it’ll be a soft border, but that will be in the hands of Europe, it won’t be in the hands of the UK.

“You can see how Sinn Féin think it is useful for their propaganda machine, but it won’t be the Holy Grail they think it is, it won’t be a ticket to a United Ireland”

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