“speed of Sinn Fein’s rejection makes it clear Gerry Adams’ intransigence is still in place…”

Falls to the UUP leader to point out the bleedin’ obvious about SF’s rather hasty presser…

“While we acknowledge the attempt by the DUP to provide fresh impetus to bring the Assembly and Executive back after a considerable hiatus, the speed of Sinn Fein`s rejection makes it abundantly clear that Gerry Adams’ intransigence is still in place – and it is Sinn Fein`s red lines that are bringing real hardship to all the people of Northern Ireland.

“In the meantime the future of our health service and lengthening waiting lists, our children and their education, and our small businesses are at stake. All these issues should trump political ideology.

“If Sinn Fein and the DUP can no longer work together then other alternatives should be explored to ensure that Northern Ireland is governed by Northern Ireland politicians.”

Almost as though they were afraid people might have time to consider the DUP’s proposal on its own merits. [Saints preserve us from all harm! – Ed] Calm down. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for Gerry being so keen to bin his own indigenous deal.

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