Is it OK to punch a Nazi (if your intention is to uphold the rule of law)?

Normally, I try to leave the mad house that is mainstream US politics alone. We’ve enough madness at home to want to go seeking it elsewhere.  This probably shouldn’t need saying, but clearly (judging by some of the general commentaries) it clearly does…

The question that has been troubling me, however, is this: is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Because it sounds from eye-witness reports like there genuinely was violence on both sides at Charlottesville. I’m not saying both sides were equally guilty, not at all. Only one side drove a car into protestors and killed a woman, and only one side was marching for the overthrow of multicultural democracy and the triumph of white supremacy.

But, if eye-witness accounts are to believed, some of the anti-fascist protestors went there for a fight, and they got one. Some have argued that their violence was justified and necessary – one side is defending liberal democracy and the rights of minorities, the other is trying to attacking them. Some have defended anti-fascist groups as the heroic defenders of liberal democracy.

Michael Eric Dyson, sociology professor at Georgetown University, opined: ‘when you go to cancer treatment, the radiation is tough treatment, but it is meant to remove the cancer.’

But is the best way to defend the rule of law really to punch a Nazi in the face?

I won’t try to answer that question here, but do read on

  • jimbob622

    You are correct in assuming that I don’t want to discuss your example in the context of the wider discussion. My main point of contention with what you have posted is how you present your logic.
    For what it is worth (while admittedly being no expert), I don’t accept your version of events (and I don’t identify myself as being a lefty, its just so easy to have a google these days). I just sense it would be futile for us to attempt to change each other’s minds. If you want to delve into your example further I would suggest that you find one of those emotional ‘leftist’ academics who are peddling lies, creating myths and ‘inventing history’ as you suggest.
    Just one last thing, if they create myths and invent history, I suppose that makes you the bearer of truth?

  • Abucs

    I have no reason to delve into the example further. It would have been more beneficial to have discussed what actually was said in the video rather than what you think of the speaker but that of course is up to you.

    Unless we deliberately set out to deceive then we are all bearers of truth, as we perceive it.

    I have no reason to think you are left, right or indifferent and it shouldn’t really affect honest discussions on truth anyway.

  • jimbob622

    No worries Abucs, you are correct, it doesn’t affect the discussion.
    I don’t think it would beneficial to anyone for me and you to discuss (in a 2 week old thread that no one else is engaging with anymore (except us lol)) what was said in Stefan’s video.
    I asked for a source to the quote you provided and (if it is fair for me to say) you have described how it was meant as a generalisation of the version of events that the ‘left’ proscribe to. The example you provided seems to be very debatable but as I say I am no expert and do not have the time to invest properly in such a discussion.
    I again would suggest that it might be more beneficial for you to present your perception of said topic to someone who is much better versed in these regards than I am.

    As with my original post to you what I take exception to is Stefan claiming to know the truth. Perception and truth are not the same thing. I perceive a lot of things, I don’t believe myself to be the bearer of truth on everything I perceive. For all I know I might be crap at perceiving.

  • BearJew

    Given the effort my group is putting into determinating who is a Nazi and who’s not, once it’s been established who is a Nazi, it’s more than ok to punch a Nazi. In fact, the person may just be glad he or she is alive after we’re done with them.

  • BearJew

    We have no qualms about punching or even killing a Nazi. In fact, our aim is to rid the world of the cancer that is Nazism.

  • BearJew

    Violence against Nazis is always justified.