More than a hint of things to come on the Irish border

Once this period expires, the UK will look to agree either a “highly streamlined” border with the EU, or a new “partnership” with no customs border at all.

This is the most optimistic reading of London’s proposal for “a temporary customs union.” introduced by David.  It gives a pretty broad clue of what they’ll propose shortly for the Irish border. The customs  proposal has met with circumspect replies from Brussels ans Dublin.

Something more meaty is bound to greet the publication of the border plan expected tomorrow.


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  • Angry Mob
  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Does anyone know what the border crossings are like between Switzerland/Norway/Liechtenstein/San Marino/The Vatican/Monaco/Andora and the EU?

  • Dónall

    I think it would be both in the UK’s and EU’s interests that a deal is made and a hard Brexit avoided. There doesn’t seem to be much desire among other EU countries to leave the EU.

  • Dónall

    Switzerland/Norway/Liechtenstein are in the Schengan area.

    Vatican/Monaco/San Marino have open borders

    I don’t know what the story is with Andora.

  • Georgie Best

    More importantly Norway is in the Single Market.

  • Abucs

    It is in both parties interest for a streamlined process for the transfer of goods across the new border. Hopefully politics will not get in the way.

  • Jag

    Get the popcorn!

    At this stage, we all know the Whitehall game – establish a free trade precedent between NI and the Republic, pleading (“concede or the Peace Process gets it!”), and once that precedent is established, then the City should be able to sell its fund management, currency, insurance and other finance services across the EU without tariffs or barriers. Simples!

    Get stuffed Whitehall. The City is moving to Dublin’s IFSC (along with Frankfurt and Brussels). We’ll live without selling our premium grass fed beef to you for bargain-basement prices; the Chinese will pick up that slack.

    As for the Border, the Whitehall gambit is, it will force the EU to concede free movement. The EU position will destroy the Border and lead to a quick reunified Ireland. Simples.

  • Korhomme

    I haven’t been to Liechtenstein for some years. At that time, it’s border with Austria was the external border of Switzerland.

  • Oriel27

    and to add to post Jag, the North can automatically remain in the EU after the border vote (that will take place soon).

  • Karl

    The French Swiss border has permanent checkpoints for commercial traffic. All trucks are stopped and checked and this is a 12 hour operation 5 days a week.
    Private traffic is liable to be checked at these permanent checkpoints as they pass through. This is maybe 25% of the time and in general they are waved through. Temporary checkpoints are set up at smaller road crossings and woe betide commercial vehicles crossing at these points.
    Overall its a pain on the commercial side and slows things down considerably. Usually a delay of 12 hours to process plus the backend paperwork. For a private driver, it generally doesnt impinge but there are occasionally queues, generally when you have to be somewhere in a hurry.
    Its accepted but it is not frictionless by any manner of means.

  • Kevin Breslin