Northern Ireland versus the UK’s other devolved regions…

Another antidote for the ennui of summer and the silly season. Newton Emerson explains the politics of the ongoing objections from Wales and Scotland, and why they are likely to remain ongoing but are likely to be unsuccessful…

  • One key point from this video is that all the horses are identical, therefore one may wonder why the politicians are trading them.
    This may be too surreal for SOT, but I thought I would push it out there. I’m sure NE will appreciate it, if nobody else.

  • mickfealty

    My bad. I somehow managed to post the wrong video. In which case my intro was far more surreal than your comment. 🙁

  • Nevin


  • Dee

    Scotland is NOT a region

  • Sean Danaher

    Indeed not it is this sort of headline which add 1% to the Scottish independence lobby