DUP deal is neither grubby or crackpot. It may even aid the peace and *should* hold for two years..

Good conversation with Paul Ross on TalkRadio yesterday morning, in which we discussed the nature of the deal (is it grubby money?), whether the DUP are (as the Daily Mirror accuses them of being) ‘Crackpots’, will it hurt the peace process and lastly will the hung parliament deal stick:

My answer to each is conditional but runs out broadly as: No, No, No, Yes. What do you think?

  • jporter

    So the DUP voted against ending the public sector pay cap.

  • hollandia

    The money will be spent by either the NI Civil Service, or by Civil Servants acting on behalf of our proconsul. It will be spent, Stormont, or not. Because if the Tory’s renege, they have broken the terms of their agreement with the DUP. And an election will be called.

  • Can they be eaten with jam?

  • Deplorable Ulsterman

    Protection of marriage and children must come first, and resist all brainwashing from the corrupt and degenerate mass media and now “popular culture”. If “forwards” is towards the destruction of the family as the destructive degenerate anarchists known as “liberals” then we must stand strong, “backward” as a bastion of decency amongst the wicked filth that has taken hold.

  • Tochais Siorai

    The DUP are the Westminster equivalent of the Healy Raes and Lowrys who pollute the political sphere in the Republic with their grubby deals to increase whatever influence and prestige amongst their voters.

    If they were really interested in proclaiming their oneness with their neighbours across the water and their political talents they’d have demanded a key ministry. But their world is small and their vision smaller.

    ‘And add the halfpence to the pence
    And prayer to shivering prayer’