Alliance: Go sell crazy some place else

Of all of Northern Ireland’s weeny political parties I find the Alliance Party quite the most sickeningly small-minded and Nornironesque.

It’s a group of people that exists only to virtue-signal. Naomi Long is so determined not to have any association with political ideology that she couldn’t even bring herself to take a Lib-Dem whip when she was an MP. She’s not a LibDem, she’s Alliance, apparently. Not for her the opportunity for power. No, just virtue, plain and simple. Her party – and her speech included in Alan Meban’s post below shows it – exists only to exist and rant and moan.

It’s a party of moral indignation that struts about the moral high ground but offers nothing. No political position of any note. No ideology. It exists only in the context of a weeny place for the weeny minded. Its one big position of late has been to oppose Brexit. Alliance virtue-signallers tramped down to Dublin to express solidarity and concern with the assembled masses of the concerned at the All-Island Dialog for Concern for Concerned Anti-Brexiters.

And Alliance is super-concerned about a hard border. So concerned, in fact, that it wants a hard border with Britain (overlooking the fact that we ship four times more goods and services to Britain than to the Republic of Ireland).

Change for Goodery Alliance is past its sell-by date. They need to go sell crazy some place else coz we’re fully stocked.

Free market libertarian. Businessman. Small government advocate. Former Vice-Chair, Conservative Party in NI. Fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs. Former Regional Chair, Business for Britain (the business voice of VoteLeave).