Department for the Economy release list of RHI beneficiaries…

After months of legal wrangling, the Department for the Economy has finally released the names of all RHI beneficiaries who are in receipt of payments over £5000.

The released the data as a PDF but I converted it to a spreadsheet so you can filter it by who got the most. Which let’s face it is what we all want to know.

Download an excel version | View a google sheet version

Here are the top beneficiaries

As expected there is a lot of poultry farms on the list. Paul Hobson Ltd seems to be a Poultry farmer. There was a suggestion that these payments to farmers money may be considered an unlawful subsidy under EU competition rules but this needs to be clarified.

Can we stress there is nothing to suggest any of these beneficiaries are doing anything untoward, so be careful making allegations about specific beneficiaries in the comments.