#AE17 – Bring us your Box Figures for 12 noon, 5pm and 9pm?

Now it’s early days (and it’s unwise to project too early) but it does look like between the weather and the rage at Arlene, the turnout is up in East Antrim and East Belfast at some polling stations…

This for instance, if we apply the artificial rule that you multiply the 12-noon figure by four to these boxes:

In every case, it looks like an increased turnout with Box 55 looking like 54%, Box 56, 60%, and Box 57, 53%. Now we don’t know the implications of this because we don’t have the detailed tallies of each box from last year. But increased turnout is exactly what the DUP not want.

But contrast, Sinn Fein are leaving nothing to chance in West Belfast…

Please us this thread as an info dump for us and others to share and analyse. We’re particularly keen to hear from you further afield from Greater Belfast in places like North Antrim and Strangford which will give us a hint of how uniform the patterns are.

The easiest thing is to take a picture of the turnout figures at 5pm, then we double that one and it will give us an idea.

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