Tweet of the day: Team Varadkar hits the beach head… #Ouch

So Enda’s told his party, he’ll tell if and when he’s going if and when he’s good and ready. This from the Sindo’s token lefty columnist, is priceless. (That’s got to be Simon Coveney hanging on to the side).

  • Jag

    Novelist and columnist Gene is about the only good thing in the Sunday Independent, though his readership has dramatically declined (according to rumours) after the Sindo forced readers to register to read columns.

    As for the subject matter, it’s incredible that Enda has escaped without detailing his exit plans. As soon as he gives a date of course, he’s a lame duck and will be out in a fortnight.

    The media down South appears to have forgotten the reason for the FG rebellion and calls for Enda’s head last week, that small little matter of an untruth regarding a significant recent meeting linked to the Garda whistleblower scandal – will the Opposition remind them?


    Keny has brought great disgrace not just on his party but on the government he leads, the treatment
    of Mr McCabe on his watch is what the Taoiseach will be remembered for most.

  • the rich get richer

    They are akin to the DUP delivering wood pellets………………

  • ted hagan


  • ted hagan

    It’s fortunate for Ireland that since Enda is on the verge of quitting he will hardly feel obliged to issue a St’s Pat’s Day visit to Donald Trump for a state visit to Ireland since he will no longer be in power. Phew!