“Will he spell out how much the US President and/or the Trump Organisation has donated to the party?”

I don’t usually publish whole pressers, but this interestingly provocative from Fianna Fáil TD Niall Collins (Adds: in response to this earlier statement from Adams presumably)

“Gerry Adams, in common with most other right thinking people, condemns the travel ban initiated in recent days by US President Donald Trump. However, he has gone further than most others and called for the removal of Pre Clearance for US travel at Dublin and Shannon airports, adding significantly to travel time for Irish passengers, as a protest.

“However, unlike the vast bulk of those who use Pre Clearance for business and personal travel, Deputy Adams is uniquely placed to actually make a meaningful personal protest on this issue.

“We know from archival footage that he enjoyed a warm relationship with the newly elected President in the past, when Mr Trump was a high profile attendee at Sinn Féin fundraisers, acknowledged publicly by the Sinn Féin leader.

“We also know that Congressman Peter King, named by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as one of the key architects of the travel ban, is a long time close personal ally of Deputy Adams and a major fundraiser for his party for over thirty years. While Rep. King has now claimed that he didn’t design the ban, he has expressed his strong support for it and has urged the President to go further, establishing a Federal Muslim Surveillance Programme.

“Deputy Adams condemns the travel ban and asks Irish passengers to give up the Pre Clearance facility in protest, but that costs him and his party nothing. Will he publicly, here and through his offices in New York, condemn the comments of Representative Peter King? Will he spell out how much Rep King has donated and helped raise for his organisation since he first came out in support of NORAID in the 1980s and return that cash?
“Will he spell out how much the US President and/or the Trump Organisation has donated to the party over the years?

  • JohnTheOptimist

    Quelle surprise! SF/PIRA advocating policies that would damage the Irish economy and benefit the UK economy.

    Removing the pre-clearance facility from Irish airports would damage Ireland’s tourist industry, but benefit the UK’s tourist industry. It would remove the attractiveness of Irish airports as hub airports for passengers elsewhere in Europe to fly to before flying on to the USA. Dublin and Shannon airports would lose out badly, while London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester airports would benefit.

    Its not an isolated case. SF also favoured as recently as the 2011 election in the Republic raising Ireland’s Corporation Tax rate to 17.5%. Given that the UK is lowering its CT rate to that level, this would have wiped out the competitiveness benefit Ireland derives from its low CT rate. Again the UK would be the main beneficiary.

    We know as fact that by the mid-90s MI5 had so many agents in the higher ranks of SF/PIRA that they were virtually running it. We need an investigation as to whether they continued to run it post-GFA and whether or not SF/PIRA’s continued advocacy of policies that would damage the Irish economy, but benefit the U. Kingdom economy, might be related.

  • Korhomme


  • Ciaran O’Neill

    Linking Adams to the recent travel ban imposed by Trump now. I just laugh at these attempts from now on. The whole Get Gerry thing has taken on a life of it’s own by now. It’s morphed into a an almost circus like campaign where the next story or piece of press has a duty to be more bizarre than the last one.

    It could never top this one though. The grand daddy of them all. The pièce de résistance if you will:

    “Gerry Adams ate my son’s M&M’s”


    Jesus not only wept but he filled a bath with sulphuric acid and jumped straight in, taking his toaster with him

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    I’m sure that if the British really wanted to damage the Irish economy they would lower their rate of CT to below the Irish level as opposed to having MI5 run several agents in a party that isn’t sitting in government, handling them for several years in the hope that they might get into power and then striking. It could be quicker to pass a new CT rate through their own parliament.

    I use pre-clearance in Dublin regularly and it’s fantastic, no way on earth should it be ditched. For anyone travelling to the US on business, it can save several hours at the other end and make travelling a hell of a lot easier and more manageable. I suspect in this instance Adams is probobly more worried about Ireland getting undue publicity and being inadvertently put into the spotlight if people are turned away in Dublin and Shannon

  • Robbi McMillen

    Slugger is a myriad of whole pressers these days. We know you don’t like the Shinners, and I’m cautious about my take on them, but to publish this with no analysis is an affront to Slugger readers who look for your, and your other contributers’ points of view, not a Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael TD’s. Get back to the spirit of the site :0) Just sayin’…

    This is a ‘Share’ rather than a blog post.

  • Jag

    ““Will he spell out how much the US President and/or the Trump Organisation has donated to the party?”

    I suppose it makes a change from FF’s “will he spell out the details of the atrocities he carried out while leading the IRA”

    or “will he spell out how often he hits his wife”


  • Roger

    I’d like to flag UK transit visa requirements uniquely disadvantage Ireland’s tourist industry too. To be fair to the Provos, they had little to do with that. It’s something they should be campaigning against. The so called Common Travel Area is the Double Visa Area for many. But the Provos are trying to put Ireland even more out on a limb.

  • AntrimGael

    Maybe FF can do an audit of the dodgy money many of their members have trousered since their formation?? FF lecturing any other party or politician about their funding is like being advised in dieting by Billy Bunter.

  • Roger

    A new CT rate just might be a tad more expensive than a few agents?


    Surely Adams must be having a great laugh at the way he has all
    the Anti Shinner media in a spin, FIanna Fail are in a state
    of panic as well. The Shinners need him for a few more years.


    There is a story out that Gerry Ate some childs sweets 30 years ago. A new scandal for the Anti Gerry Brigade at the Sunday
    Independent next week.

  • mickfealty

    I recognise what you’re saying Robbi, though most of the time that’s David trying to give people a chance to comment on breaking news.

    I generally prefer to use core material and then provide a proper analysis. On this occasion, I thought it was worth sharing entire.

    Most of Slugger’s early output used to be like this, but I take your point.

    What we miss in the north sometimes is that politics works like unarmed combat. Adams is being an unconscionable eejit here (http://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/43267), and he’s being called on it..

  • Katyusha

    Hahaha. Fianna Fáil complaining about party donors and fundraising. Now I’ve heard it all.


    Yes, we remember it well, ‘Thanks a million Big Fella’, and ‘I won it on the Horses’ Collins must not have cleared it with Michael Martin
    or maybe he is trying to undermine his leader.

  • grumpy oul man

    Interesting. Was any funds donated by Trump or his organisation. donated when SF was running for seats in the Dail.(honestly i dont know) if SF funds it party north and south from the same pot so to speak (again i dont know) then if they have to give the details of donors then shoild all parties north and south do the same.
    Just in case of any misunderstading i believeem that all parties should be open about the sources of all funding.


    It is all Endas fault, he allowed them become respectable, Fianna Fail will now rub the next F.G leaders nose in the proverbial

  • J D

    I don’t think trying to paint SF as the only with with connections to and influence with the current US president is really the winning putdown you think it is.

    What you are claiming, is that none of the other parties in the north have the ear of Trump and his people.

    But SF do and that’s somehow bad for them?

    As I said three weeks ago, Trump is a fan of a united Ireland – he can’t understand why it isn’t united already. But this is baaaaaaaaad for SF.

  • mickfealty

    Have to give credit to Enda for moving to set up a review into the pre clearance, to stop any bold TDs causing trouble at the next cabinet meeting

  • Brendan Heading

    I don’t think trying to paint SF as the only with with connections to and influence with the current US president is really the winning putdown you think it is.

    SF have extensive fundraising connections within Irish America, which tends to be Republican and is likely to be pro-Trump. No other political party in Ireland has connections of this kind.

  • Brendan Heading

    This press release is very interesting Mick. It looks like an exercise in constructive ambiguity.

    Adams says “He must also ensure that Irish airports do not enforce the fundamentally unjust order of the President.”. But Irish airports do not perform border enforcement, no airport does. It’s the US Customs and Border Protection who have their own agents within what is effectively a US embassy area within the airport.

    I think Adams knows this full well, and by calling for the “airport” to be deprived of powers they do not and cannot have, he’s carefully avoiding making a call for the US government’s right to enforce their border within Dublin airport to be withdrawn.

    In order to actually stop this, Ireland would have to terminate the agreement they have with the US to operate pre-clearance in Ireland and send all the CBP agents home. Is this what Adams wants, I wonder ?

  • JohnTheOptimist

    Is Enda Kenny Taoiseach or that money-grabbing fool, Zappone? It looks like the latter. If Ireland loses the pre-clearance facility, then FF must bring down the Zappone-led government immediately. They’ll romp home in the ensuing election. If Trump has any sense, he’ll ban Gerry Adams from entering the US. Easily justified on ‘keeping terrorists out of America’ grounds.

  • Brendan Heading

    Removing the pre-clearance facility from Irish airports would damage Ireland’s tourist industry, but benefit the UK’s tourist industry.

    Not so much. Ireland’s airline taxes are lower than the UK’s, and UK airports tend to be busier on the international side.

    But there’s no getting away from the fact that preclearance is very beneficial.

  • J D

    I think you’re conflating two different kinds of Republicans there.

    But let’s entertain your hypothesis: “Oh noes! Trump’s base are SF and united Ireland supporters like Trump?” Again, not seeing how this is a problem for SF.

  • NMS

    Brendan, one might say an example of “alternative facts”. Adams is the past master.

  • Brendan Heading

    No, I’m not conflating them. I used the capital R deliberately.

    The problem for SF is pretty obvious. They don’t want to avoid alienating the pro-Trump base they raise a lot of their money from.

  • mickfealty

    Classic Newspeak or more accurately Unspeak. It’s drivel, and Collins is rather forcefully calling him out on it.

  • ted hagan

    Surely Ian Paisley Jr only weeks ago was boasting of his connections with Trump and recalled a get-together with Trump and the Big Man in the States. There was also talk of promoting the building of a golf course on the north coast..

  • ted hagan

    Before the Adams bashing goes completely overboard, remember that civil rights groups are also concerned about how the Trump ban is being enforced at Dublin Airport and fear gardai and local immigration official may have been involved in the operation. This has been denied by the government, but who knows, and certainly the Taoiseach has expressed doubts about the pre-clearance agreement with the US after the Trump diktat. So maybe lay off a bit?

  • Jollyraj

    Ah yes… the tried and trusted Jimmy Saville technique: Behave so outrageously and create so much smoke that people will automatically ignore even the things that you did do.

  • J D

    You keep asserting that as if you’ve proven it. Your assumption about where SF’s support in the US comes from.

  • J D

    Shussh, you’ll be ruining Mick’s narrative now 😉

  • Jollyraj

    To be fair, it likely would only be the dumbest fringe of Americans (which is a fair slice of Trump’s base) that woulf still be sponsoring terrorist-affiliated groups like SF – particularly after the watershed of 9/11 when many ordinary Americans were forced to confront what that actually looks like on the ground.

  • mickfealty

    I’ve updated the op with this link where Adams is trying to get ordinary citizens to protest against Trumps policy. You know about policy, right?

    This one is where Adams’s good buddy Peter King helped hammer together the very thing Adams is asking people to protest against. (Let’s see if the President of SF dates answer the Trump question?)


  • mickfealty

    No. Because I don’t accept it’s Adams bashing. It’s a good politically charged question from a rival politician. There are people who would prefer us to treat Adams’s inconsistencies as a taboo subject. That’s how it’s been dealt with in NI with at times disasterous effect.

    But he’s neither taboo, nor the Messiah. In the words of the great Python writers, “he’s just a very naughty boy”

  • Ciaran O’Neill

    So what if Adams comes out and discloses how much Trump donated to Sinn Fein or NORAID? What is it exactly that happens next? So you’re all sitting there with the exact dollar amount of the donation and the date it was donated. What’s the next step? What is it exactly that the Get Gerry campaign are going to do with that info? It’s been well known that Trump donated to SF in the 90’s. Anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection could have found that out.

    Next week on HBO’s Get Gerry: outrage as Adams ties shoe laces in “getting dressed” scandal

  • Katyusha

    Mick, if Adams and Peter King do have a close relationship, what benefit would it be to either of them to air their disagreements in public? Are SF not the type of party to wash their dirty linen in private?

  • mickfealty

    But it’s a political alliance, not just a personal one Kate. This is one of the guys who designed the policy that Adams want people to protest.

    Collins is perfectly within his rights to call Adams on his political vogueing. And the rest of us are free to draw conclusions about his lack of seriousness if he fails to respond.

  • file

    ‘They don’t want to avoid alienating …’
    OK, let’s have a go at this. I guess what he meant to say was: they want to avoid alienating …’ Unfortunately, he has ended up saying the opposite.


    Its not long ago since the Irish minister for Finance Michael Noonan
    rolled out the red carpet for Trump and then stood in line to shake his hand..Trump was not even elected at the time. I suppose Mr Collins would
    not like to embarrass one of his puppets in government by asking Mr Noonan for a comment now..

  • J D

    You did? How awesome!

    And no, SF (nor any other northern parties) will be revealing donor information. Anyone familiar with northern Ireland would understand why this is so. But your agenda of pissing on SF and Nationalism takes a much higher priority than any intellectual rigour, logic or honour.

    We are laughing at just how pathetic your attempts have become.


  • Granni Trixie

    Simple. Trump and Peter King are in the headlines for a scheme to discriminate against Muslims. If they are SF supporters then the public can judge the kinds of Supporters the party attracts and if Gerry speaks with a conflict of interests. It also brings up the more general issue of why some parties in Ni will not support publishing a list of their doners.

  • Granni Trixie

    Surely he has become more of a liability?

  • Granni Trixie

    But do you really not get the contradictions?


    i doubt very much that Adams will worry what
    Collins , you or the Anti Shinner brigade,after 30 years experience of the ballot box he is doing fine.
    He did lose his seat once to Joe Hendron but Joe
    was not able to live up to the standard that Adams
    had set and Gerry regained his seat the next time.
    If i was a Shinner one thing i would blame him for is
    losing a seat in Donegal last time,.The two TDs there were not experienced enough,and just too greedy. Collins should have enough cop on that Donations to anyone is the last thing he would
    mention.Talk about the pot and the kettle.


    He increased the size of his party by a third in the
    South at the last election, an increase of 70,000
    first preferences.Thats progress not a liability.

  • NORAID crossed my mind the other day thanks to Trump and his thoughts about stopping terrorism. It seemed a bit rich when the US would dip into its pockets especially on St Patrick’s Day. So I had to refresh my knowledge of NORAID and as part of that took a gander here. Low and behold the connection seems incredibly close to Trump. Closer than I would have ever expected. Would love to ask him what he thought NORAID did.