#Brexit thought for the day: Living in thatched houses…

  • Teddybear

    So this means we need a Thatcher to help us out by inserting a firebreak between our two sets of thatch.

    Perhaps Ireland should raise its game by focusing less on U.K. and more on EU/Rest of the World. Eggs and baskets and all that

  • hgreen

    From Mayhem’s speech later today:
    “We seek a new and equal partnership – between an independent,
    self-governing, Global Britain and our friends and allies in the EU.”

    Does that mean N.I. gets to stay in the EU?

  • Jag

    “Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper?”

    UK right now and its attitude to Brexit

  • Ciarán Doherty

    I sure hope that Dublin is playing as dirty as possible in Brussels, there’s no room for playing nice at this point, Ireland needs to pull every string it possibly can to ensure it profits from any part of this fallout it can.

  • hotdogx

    What a great analogy regarding the thatched roof, unionists have no idea that they have the thickness thatched roofs of all!

  • hotdogx

    I think Ireland has no choice but to look elsewhere and we will do our best to keep as good relations with Britain as possible and help her from within Europe. As opposed FDI and EU business poaching from London we have no choice here either. Everyone in the EU is doing this to offset the effects of Brexit

  • articles

    As unwittingly revealed earlier this morning, Pootsy had the answer to the European Union debate all along.
    Step 1 Read and sign the European Union agreement (s)
    Step 2 Insist that the bits you didn’t agree with were side deals slipped in by the Commission
    Step 3 Renege on those bits of the agreement
    Step Expect the 26 other countries to accept your unilateral action and ignore the signed agreement.
    Perfidious, Trumplike, ……words fail me.

  • lizmcneill

    The spin is on the go in the Murdoch-controlled media, I see. May “promises” a “clean break” from the EU/single market? From this side of the Irish Sea, it looks more like “threatens”.

  • NMS

    Exactly! This involves ignoring the interests of UKNI completely.

  • NMS

    Vast majority want to stay in UK, so no having your cake and eating it.

  • NMS

    Keeping good relations is one thing, however the UK has made its own decision, the Irish Govt. needs to focus solely on what is good for Ireland and let UKNI fend for itself.

    This involves first & foremost ignoring whining Northern politicians and their electorates and putting their own electorate first.

  • Dan

    ..or grasp for any rope it can to save itself

  • Enda

    Don’t think there’s much rope left. Britain’s used it all to hang themselves.

  • Reader

    NMS: …the Irish Govt. needs to focus solely on what is good for Ireland and let UKNI fend for itself.
    Great slogan, but so far as I can see the alternative policies are functionally identical.

  • Zorin001

    Burkina Faso with Missiles then

  • Obelisk

    No, a plurality wants to stay in the UK, a minority wants a United Ireland, and the decisive group wants everyone to go away and stop talking about it because it bores them to tears. So the status quo wins due to apathy.

    Until the day the apathetic aren’t apathetic any more.

  • AntrimGael

    Easier said than done. If you live right on the border, on either side, you just can’t ignore or pretend what’s happening doesn’t affect you. That’s like your head saying to your sore toe or foot, I’ll just ignore you because you’re down there. Whether you like it or not there is an umbilical cord, politically, culturally, historically and economically that ties the North and South together. Using the Indo mindset to wish it all away just isn’t practical.

  • Mirrorballman

    And Mrs May just threw a lit petrol bomb at our house. Hard Brexit is coming. Disaster for Ireland.

  • LiamÓhÉ

    When the UK brexiteer pirates definitively leave, it will be in their interest to politick their way to EU disintegration in order to re-level the playing field, aided and abetted by Russia and their protegé clown about to enter the Oval Office. Long-term, the EU may have to ensure the UK does not have a glorious Caribbean adventure intercepting EU trade ships and looting goods.

  • George W Harvey

    God bless Ireland. God save the Queen.

  • Old Mortality

    Did you miss the bit where she pointed out that “a clean break” was necessary in order for the UK to negotiate its own trade agreements?

  • lizmcneill

    Meaning she’s planning to sign whatever Trump puts in front of her in her eagerness to show Britain can make trade deals? Meanwhile Unionist farmers can’t send their milk or lambs over the border?

  • Karl

    It turns out the DUP voted for a hard Brexit. Game changer? Not for the over 40s but for anyone with view beyond their own front garden.

  • lizmcneill

    So, just like the UK is doing then? We’re so screwed.

  • On the fence!

    What about the Irish seeing the EU setting fire to it’s house and then realising that you all live under the same roof?

    Fortunately, they have kind neighbours, maybe best not annoy them too much.

  • lizmcneill

    What’s the Venn diagram between DUP voters and people with a view beyond their own front garden?

  • scepticacademic

    Serious question: will the Irish government be making the case for some kind of transitional EU financial support, given that its economy is likely to suffer the hardest Brexit shock among the EU27?

  • Fred Johnson

    The British and the Unionists would love to maintain the fiction that Ireland is joined at the hip to the UK, and better be deferential as a result.

    Facts are only 14% of Irish exports go to the UK. Ireland is competing with the likes of Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong for multinational investment, and spending enormous capital trying to get its farm products into China and the US.

    The Brits are just these weird neighbours with an attitude problem that directly stems from Empire. It’s going to hit them soon that they are just a medium sized nation inside the global mulitnational supply chain. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Karl

    They dont believe in venn diagrams and wont until the evangelicals wrest back control of the party.

  • lizmcneill
  • Zorin001

    There will be blood in the streets!

  • Reader

    lizmcneill: Meanwhile Unionist farmers can’t send their milk or lambs over the border?
    I don’t think either CAP or the Customs Union distinguishes between unionist and nationalist farmers.

  • lizmcneill

    Yeah, but some of the unionist farmers presumably voted for this, I doubt many of the nationalist ones did.

  • John Devane

    Wishful thinking. However in the real world……….UK Ireland trade is massively important. You dismiss it at your peril.

  • John Devane

    If the EU allows the CTA to be left unimpeded no harm done. If it is left to a bilateral.agreement very possible but the EU superstate doesn’t work like that