Live Blog: Stormont’s first (and last) big day for a while…

Here’s the live stream (now showing the stream from the chamber)…

  • Steptoe

    Who is Simon Hamilton taking his legal advice from- Saul Goodman?

    Better Call Saul

  • mickfealty

    I think he said it originated in Finance (so, maybe you have a point)… 😉

  • Granni Trixie

    I know there are some of you who seem beyond being shocked – they expect
    no better – but I was shocked at Lord Morrow’s defiant tone as much as sentiment in the chamber. Yes, he is entitled to reiterate the point that it is up to the DUP whom they chose as Leader.
    But he seemed to have no sense at all that the people of NI have legitimate concerns about lack of leadership in the office of FM which ought to be catering to the interests of the whole community.
    Consistent with this the DUP appear to be hitching their election wagon to the rallying call of “clearing our Leaders name” rather than promoting ideas for reforms which might lead to better governance.
    Priorities or what?
    Lack of recognition of where people on the ground are on what is wrong is now part of the problem.

    The DUP assert that SF are bringing us to an election for their own reasons yet the DUP even today exemplify what has brought us to this point – an apparent incapacity to recognise what is wrong not just re RHI but systems of accountability and transparency.

    If people vote the same way in this election they will get what they deserve.

  • I think he was just politicking for his own purposes in South Tyrone.

  • Zorin001

    If in the future the DUP try to claim they are here to represent everyone in Northern Ireland then this whole sorry episode should be dredged up.

    Then again they have that much of a brass neck they will just deflect and blame someone else as usual.

  • Granni Trixie

    Taking power but not responsibility?

  • Zorin001

    Obviously never read a Spider-man comic in their lives.