Any word on that budget you seem to have magically disappeared there Máirtín?

Good point from Stephen Dempster…

Before the last election, I asked what damage could putting SF into Finance cause. I don’t suppose our oddly well travelled Finance Minister would care to comment now as he prepares to leave office with his budget both well overdue and – so far as anyone knows – completely un-set?

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  • Daragh

    Good point Mick. Sinn Fein are obviously ‘economic illiterates’, so it’s preferable to have the DUP in charge of the Finance Budget because they are much more responsible with taxpayer’s funds 😉

  • Jag

    Why is the publication of the draft budget overdue?

    Presumably, the Dept of Finance depends on inputs/proposals/plans from individual departments before framing the overall budget. Is the delay the result of difficulties with those departments?

  • T.E.Lawrence
  • ted hagan

    Yet another distraction. Pity we couldn’t have avoided an election and stuck clearly to the RHI scandal. The issue is going to be buried with accusations and counter accusation over the coming weeks. I understand Sinn Fein discontent and the pressure from its grassroots but it should have avoided an election and stuck with the matter in hand.

  • Skibo

    Perhaps MOM will publish a draft and show correspondence when it was shared with the DUP.
    I believe the issue of how the RHI will be resolved could leave a hole in any budget, depending on what solution will be settled on. If they have to start buying out contracts, there could be a massive up-front cost. If the DUP are going to offer a sticking plaster solution as MOM has stated previously, he could probably allow for it within the budget as was.

  • Gingray

    Eh Mick? You been binging on Shinnerwatch again and not getting enough sleep? The executive have yet to agree a programme for government – last year a one year budget was agreed to allow them to get the PfG in place and the 4 year budget agreed to support it.

    Not that you would be expected to ask why the PfG was not agreed – that might show the DUP in an incompetent light, and we cannot be having that on Slugger!