RHI regulations to be laid before the Assembly on Monday…

Looks like its going to be a very busy day on Monday. As well as sorting out the bedroom tax, the Assembly’s business committee is meeting at 5.30 to hear a proposal to lay legislation to make changes in the regulation of the RHI scheme.

The Finance Minister has seen this proposed legislation and its business case a priori, so he should have some idea of his response. Julian O’Neill reports:

The BBC understands the plan involves a two-staged approach. First, it would reduce the tariffs paid to around 1,800 people who got into the scheme before November 2015.

This would require an Assembly vote to change the tariffs from the new financial year starting in April.

Secondly, there would be a public consultation on a longer-term solution. But there remains an acceptance within the Department for the Economy that any moves on tariffs could face a legal challenge.

Opposition MLAs have not yet seen the draft.

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