On the matter of a leadership vacuum…

A reader writes:

I think this is much more serious than people realize.  Sinn Fein can’t go back into power with an unreformed DUP, and the latter could even come back with less of an electoral wound that SF, who knows. But the reason I think this is very serious is this.

I’ve argued for 10 years that the Sinn Fein are under-estimating their own base if they think Mary Lou will command the same loyalty and patience as the Adams-McGuinness nexus.

Nationalists grassroots are currently at best disenchanted and increasingly angry and insulted. The DUP machine will whip up the worst instincts of team Blue. There’s a leadership vacuum.

Dissidents will sense an opportunity. There’s a real danger of a return to street politics here, and at a time when the robustness and coherence of the Republican movement has never been more vulnerable. Not good.