Did Nigel Farage apply for German citizenship after the Brexit vote…?

This is just plain bizarre. No direct proof the application was made, but some evidence a police enquiry is underway into the validity of such an application within days of the Brexit vote.

  • Very nutty to claim residence in Germany when u haven’t been residing there. They keep a register of residents and you can’t be there for long w/o having to produce your Meldezettel for something or other so it’s a, very implausible that you’ve been living there for years without registering and b, the time for which there is no registration of residence in the records probably wouldn’t be considered anyway. If Farage really attempted this he is dumb.

    Unless he is registered at that address without being there but that would also be tricky. No tax returns, no driver’s licence, no flat of his own …

  • grumpy oul man

    If this is true its hard to figure out which bit is funnier. That he applied for a German passport or he messed up the application.
    If He did apply and gets accepted does that mean he will need a visa to stay in the British isles if we have a hard brexit, and does anybody thunk he would get a sympathic hearing????

  • Sir Rantsalot

    ‘No direct proof’ I think you might be a victim of ‘fake news’ here Mick. Try posting it on Facebook and let them ‘fact check’ it !!

  • grumpy oul man

    Just did a bit of checking, Nigel is not denying this! wonder why that is?