“a symptom of a shallow and hubristic attitude towards political engagement.”

This is a fascinating insight to current goings on in UK Labour, which for me highlights the lack of real change at a governance level inside the party sufficient to make the recent inflow of new members count:

The idlenesses of many Corbynites, is a symptom of a shallow and hubristic attitude towards political engagement. Where political convictions can be satisfied by a simple signal of virtue — rather than the slogging work to bring about change.

It’s worth noting that many actively campaigning members of UK Labour do still support Corbyn, and many are neither in Momentum or indeed late joiners. The governance failure lies in a lack of capacity to harness this energy with tasks aligned with voter needs and a vision which is capable of making Labour an electable force again.

The party is now faced with a range of opponents, from the Greens, Lib Dems, SNP (who now own Labour’s former core vote), Plaid and the Tory party, each of which are making easy capital at their expense. Voters are nowhere near as interested as new members in signals of virtue as much as material change.